Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Photo A Day

For the month of January, I jumped on the shutteriffic bandwagon of the January Photo A Day Challenge on Instagram.  It was fun and it seemed many folks enjoyed the ride, so much so a February challenge has already commenced.  If you follow me on Instagram already (you can easily find me by searching for bifftastica) then these photos will be old news, but if not, here you go!
 1. Little 'ol me.  2. Breakfast-glorious bacon  3. Something I adore-my folks back in the day

4. Letterbox  5. Something I wore-a purty scarf from a purty friend 6. Makes me smile-the mister and the beast fumbling around in the hammock  7. Favorite-a sea of kitty ears.

8. Your sky 9. Routine-tea, applesauce, fiber bar, thyroid pill and internet 10. Childhood (no I'm not embarrassed ;) 11. Where I sleep.

12. Close up-freckled kitty nose 13. Inside your bag(s) 14. What I'm reading-The Hangman's Daughter & Cooking Magazines galore 15. Happiness-A pretty day alone with kitties, pot stickers and cake balls.
16. Morning (no filter on that puppy) 17. Water-I drink it like a camel 18. Something I bought-vintage Vera shirt for $1 19. Sweet-Homemade oatmeal cookies made by moi

20. Someone I love-the mister 21. Reflection-me in a tea pot  22. Your shoes-comfy house shoes 23. Something Old-an antique US Army sewing kit

24. Guilty Pleasure-British tabloids, particularly The Daily Mail 25. Something I made-hip bag 26. Color-my favorite, green, as seen in beads 27. Lunch-Friday ritual, Chipotle barbacoa bowl.

28. Light-my favorite lamp, nearly 100 years old 29. Inside your fridge 30. Nature-as modeled by the beast 31. You again-in the language lab, preparing for Speaking class.

1 comment:

  1. Your photos are so fascinating! Perhaps that's why I've never participated in anything like this- I'm fearful everyone would realize what a truly boring person I am. ;-) You're making it look so tempting though!


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