Monday, February 6, 2012

Taming the Hoard: Scarves

I am a closet hoarder.  As in I hoard things in my closet.  In an organized fashion, of course.

I've always been a gal to have more clothes than I need, including my precious scarves.  It's an illness.  It's safe to say I have over 100 that I like to actively wear and use around the house while at the same time keeping them easily accessible.  That's not easily achieved in a small house though so a few times a year, I seem to find myself re-imagining how I can better store my scarves.

I hang the hoards on the inside of my closet door but after a while, they always get all jumbled up, fall down and cause me to shoot some not-so-nice-words at the pile they become in the floor of my tiny closet.  One day, I *finally* had the bright idea to add just a few more hooks to help me better organize and to spread the collection out a bit more.
First, I employ some fuzzy helpers to weed out scarves that I don't need around anymore.  (I wish I could tell you that I got rid of lots this go around, but most ended up staying.  C'est la vie.)
Then I start piling the scarves into appropriate groups.  
Pashminas/longer scarves, 
large square scarves for my head and neck, 
small square neck scarves for myself and Vera (yes, I share scarves with a cat), 
longer rectangular scarves more for fashion than comfort, 
knit/crochet scarves to keep the cold gal warm, and
former vintage dress belts.

Trust me, it makes sense to me :)
So what do I hang this ridiculous collection on?  One of these adjustable accessory hangers.  Not quite sure what they are 'supposed' to be used for but for me, this one has always housed scarves and hats.  I see them EVERYWHERE for no more than $5 and to me, they are worth the investment if you're tight on space.
We added two separate hooks on either side of the rack, one of which I bought at an Ikea in Hungary a few years back that resembles the beast's booty!  Never fails to make me smile.  :)
On these two small hooks live my neck scarves.  One side for the small squares and the other for the larger squares.  Fascinating, I know ;)
From there, I work filling the bottom rungs up first to finally ending with the pashminas across the top since they are longest and my most often used.
By simply adding the two hooks and better organizing my scarves, I rarely find a scarf on the floor and my search time for one is cut in half.  Call me simple but things like this make my day :)
How do you organize your scarves?  What sweet trick am I missing?!  I must know!


  1. What secret trick are you missing? This right here. I actually just found it yesterday, and obviously you could save a ton of time by not wrapping everything in ribbon.

  2. Good gourds - I thought I had an impressive amount of scarves and shawls. You kick my butt!


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