Friday, February 17, 2012

Three of Those Outfits: Getting Real

I had grand plans for the ol' blog this year.  I had planned to have themed months, guest posts, giveaways galore and more.  Then life happened and none of those plans really got off the ground.  And I've accepted that.  I often find myself pushing myself too far, trying to do too much, trying to do it all.  Sometimes life gets in your way and reminds you that you are human and that you can't do it all, as it has me.  Life is REAL right now.  Really real.  So real that it's surreal.  If that makes sense.
On Monday we had a light snow, just enough to send people in a tizzy.  Classes continued with dwindled attendance so many fun activities and reviews were done in place of previously planned lessons.  Later that day one of many surreal moments of the week occurred.  Forgive my vagueness but trust me, surreal.  
I wore a skirt from the great beyond, a vintage Puritan sweater I've had since high school, a gifted green pashmina, gifted galoshes and target sweater tights.  I was perfectly toasty.
By Tuesday, the snow had already disappeared but the cold temperatures remained despite my warmer weather attire.  I actually wore this outfit a few weeks back to see Dwight Yoakam at the Hard Rock with the mister.  Not being much of a country music fan, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the show.
The shirt was another one from that massive estate sale shirt haul I keep talking about, Gap clearance skirt, Target clearance booties, and gifted tights.

Being Valentine's Day, the mister and I opted to stay at home and make pizza together.  He surprised me with a cookie cake (my absolute fave!), some sweet words in addition to sweet treats and some new fun socks.  He knows me well. :)
Wednesday was a busy day.  Not only was it my last teaching day of the week and last day to sub but it was also the funeral for an old family friend.  I went for as simple as simple could get and pieced this together to go straight from school to service.  I had never attended a Catholic Mass funeral before.  Very different from what I was used to but beautiful all the same.
This one consisted of gifted booties and tights, Gap clearance dress from a few years back, Target clearance sweater, Gleeful Peacock feather necklace and vintage bracelet.  

I'm looking forward to a break this weekend.  I've got some estate sales lined up, some local shopping to attend to, a housewarming to celebrate and a Michael Jackson-themed Cirque du Soleil to experience.  And hopefully a few nights of good rest.

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  1. Nice choices... Sorry you had to attend a funeral tho.


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