Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Two of Those Outfits: Mujer con Pantalones

Don't worry, I didn't forget about last week's teaching outfits!  I know you've just been in a tizzy wondering where they've been!  My little sinus bout took a turn for the worst towards the end of the week so I only did what was necessary of me throughout the weekend (although I did share a few recipes on Sunday!) and slept even more than I've been sleeping.  I'm feeling much more lively this week, minus an incessant headache that I can't seem to kick.  I'll survive though :)
 The weekend before last, I killed a little time at good ol' Anthro and used up the rest of my holiday gift card in the clearance room.  I found this oversized black t-shirt that is so comfortable, I just might have worn it for three days straight.  Don't judge ;)  I have a feeling it will be getting LOTS of wear.  I wore some oooooooold Express slacks from my college days, a handmade Peruvian belt gifted to me from my sister, a Verde Squared necklace made by moi and gifted booties.  Super comfy and in my opinion, cute too.
 I absolutely love it when the beast poses with me, especially when his epic tongue makes an appearance.
 Wednesday's outfit was simple but worked.  I wore another one of those $1 estate sale shirts I scored last month.  This one reminds me of Algebra 2 in high school or as I like to call it, the most confusing class I have ever taken.  MATH is truly a foreign language to me.
 Finished it off with those clearance Gap pants I've been wearing the heck out of lately, Anthro clearance sweater (which I found a hole in the other night- NOOOOO!!!), and old Target clearance booties.
 See, just one big shirt full of graph paper ;)

The mister snapped this shot while I was 'preparing face' and it was a grand reminder that it's time for a trim.  You can always tell when I'm saving money - my hair mimics cousin It.  When I keep my hair short, I have to cut it CONSTANTLY as it grows like a weed.  When I just let it go, I can get away with a trim once or twice a year.  I'd say it's time to make that appointment.  
I'm not sure the flowers in our yard have gotten the memo that it's still February....

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