Thursday, February 2, 2012

Two of Those Outfits: Peace, Dude

For this week's teaching outfits, I feel like I channeled a bit of the 60s.  
Quite appropriate, really, since I've been seeking peace within myself lately.
 During my holiday Anthropolgie sale rack frenzy, I snagged these KILLER velvet bells for pennies.  If you hit Anthro on the right day, they have a sale on their sale items which makes the store not feel so intimidating on your pocketbook.  Obviously I have stumps for legs so I had to fold up the cuff once to keep myself from face-planting in front of the class.  I wanted to wear some taller shoes (with both of these outfits, actually) but I've been having some pretty bad knee issues lately so flat and sensible shoes it is for a while.
 The sweater was a Gap clearance score a few years back and the necklace was the old screwback earring necklace I mentioned last week.  I found the solo earring at the Flea Market a while back and the seller threw it in for free with everything else I was buying.  After a quick manipulation with some wire, I threw it on a long chain and have been wearing the daylights out of it.  Pretty bitchin' wouldn't you say?
 On Wednesday, I sported a dashiki gifted to me by a former student from Togo, Africa.  This could be one of the most comfortable tops I own.  It reminds me of my high school days, with dashikis aplenty while running with my hippy crowd.  
 Since the top is so large, I was able to throw it over some leggings and call it done.  Finished it all off with Target flats and one of my many coin necklaces.  It's funny to see myself dressing for such moderate temperatures while this time last year, we were literally stuck inside of our house with record snowfalls and record low temperatures.  I much prefer this weather.
 Our students LOVE it when we wear clothing from other cultures.  Teaching them not only English, but about the rest of the world is rewarding in ways I'm not even sure how to express.  I truly believe that when you open yourself up and learn more about the world, you better learn tolerance and with that comes the beauty of peace, respect and understanding.
So Peace, Dude.


  1. Omg, you are speakin' my language (har har, a pun on your job!) with that first outfit. Those pants are such a great find, and you look great in them!

  2. Glad you did a close up of that top- the colors and patterns are so so beautiful! But I'm sure you know I'm a huge fan of attire from other countries/cultures. And I couldn't agree more about learning about the world as well. Do you teach ESL classes to students from all around? Thanks for your sweet comment too btw : )

  3. Also that snake pendant is awesome! such a great idea taking an earring, never would have thought. Now I'll pay extra attention to odd earrings while thrifting!

  4. Those bells are very, very nice! They look comfortable and warm too which is so key right now (for me anyway). Nice score!


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