Thursday, March 8, 2012

Our Anniversary Month

March is a special month for me.  For us.  Not only is it my mister's birthday and my half birthday (our birthdays are each other's half birthdays...something HE figured out!), it's also the month we got married.  I'm one of those people who likes to celebrate things for days.  I've gotten flack over the years for being pro-birthday months and honestly, give me all the flack you want because I think things like that ARE important to celebrate more than just one day!  

This year, the mister and I will be celebrating our fourth wedding anniversary and I plan to scatter a few wedding posts throughout the month to honor that accomplishment!  
 I absolutely loved planning and preparing for our wedding.  When we were wedding planning nearly five years ago, I had just started reading blogs.  I enjoyed Offbeat Bride quite a bit but other than that, I used my noggin, experience and creativity to plan our wedding.  I think now, people are heavily influenced by blogs, Pinterest and 'what's cool' waaaaaaaaay too much when it comes to event planning and really, it drives me slightly batty.  Making it sing true to you and your special someone is all that should matter.
 We had traditional components and some not-so-traditional components to our union.  I loved that mixture. We ate, we drank, we danced like fools and we had a kick ass good time with our family and friends.  Parts of us wanted to run away and elope to keep our private feelings just that, private.  I think we both would tell you now that we're glad we didn't.  That we're glad we shared that day with those close to us.  That we outwardly professed our commitment to each other.  
 Would we have changed anything?  I don't think so.  Although I probably would have hired a different DJ or had nixed one all together.  Other than that, it was perfect.  For us.
A wedding is just a day though, an important day but just a day, all the same.  What's most important are those days after the wedding.  All of them.  They're not always easy but for us, each one has brought us closer together and, I truly hope, they will continue to do so.  All of them; the easy days and the hard days for those are what strengthen our union.


  1. I teared up a little. Love it! Can't wait for more on this topic. :)

  2. Sorry I've been gone forever, but we were having a wedding of our own! Now that it's over I am desperately trying to catch up and lo and behold - yours is the first blog I got to! You were (and are) a beautiful bride. I love the glow of a bride. I never really noticed it until Debbie's wedding this weekend and now I see it and it's almost palpable! I can't wait to see more wedding posts. You should do a bit of a history of you two and how you met and stuff.


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