Friday, March 2, 2012

Two of Those Outfits: A Bit of Floral

We're officially over the halfway point in the ESL semester which is crazy and exciting all at the same time.  This semester's load has been light but at the same time, my two classes are FILLED with students with very bold personalities leading to some interesting classroom situations.  I love never knowing what each semester will bring, so I'm certainly not complaining but all of this has led to a pretty intense week in the classroom.  I welcome the challenges though :)
 This really was one of THOSE outfits, as the mister likes to call them.  I found this dress, along with a matching shirt a few years back, I think at a local vintage shop during one of their half price sales.  It's a little oversized and I've always planned on taking it but I've yet to get to that.  One of these days.  Topped it all off with my last Anthro clearance piece - a green cardigan, Verde Squared necklace, an ooooold belt that I don't recall where it came from and my vintage snake skin cowboy boots I've had for a good decade or so now.
 The last day of February, a leap day at that, brought about some unbelievably beautiful weather.  
 The beast and I wore black.  Classic.

A bit more specific though, I wore the final $1 estate sale shirt (!) with oooooold Banana Republic slacks with an edge and gifted booties.  
 This may not be the first time you've seen this top.  I *famously* wore it elsewhere....
 Thursday brought about even MORE amazing temperatures.  So much so that I spent a good while in the hammock after work, reading handed-down magazines and watching the squirrels chase each other in the trees.  The mister and I finished the evening with freshly made BLT sandwiches on the back porch.  Perfection.
The fuzzies quite enjoyed the weather, and open windows, as well.

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  1. thanks for your kind comment again: ) we hosted our first student (a wonderful gal from Indonesia, who I talked about in my vday post) in October for 2 months, and now host TWO BOYS! I'll give details in a post soon! So cool about your neighbors hosting a student when you were young! Pretty pattern on that dress, I do that all the time too w/ mending things. Love those boots as well & I didn't know you taught ESL- what level? Have you ever thought of hosting a student yourself?


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