Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Two of Those Outfits: Out of the Trenches

This week is Spring Break.  A much needed break.  Last week was one of those weeks.  One of those weeks where you feel like you can't do anything right but have no idea what you're doing wrong.  You know the kind.
I had to force myself to take outfit photos last week.  I had to wait until last week subsided in me before I could share these outfits.  They're not my favorites but that's not what this outfit project is about.  I share whatever I've worn in the classroom, well thought out and loved or not.  
On Monday, I wore an Anthro clearance top, old suede Target clearance skirt, Gap tights, gifted booties and necklace made by me a few years back.  And the tree branch in the top picture?  We found it on the lawn when we ventured out to take photos.  It was my weapon for the day.  Fitting, really.
Wednesday was filled with Progress Reports and marathon grading.  It was also filled with a thrown together outfit to incorporate a quick skirt I made the night before.  
Target belt, clearance top and sandals.  Skirt and necklace made by me.

The necklace, a bit closer.  One of these days I'll sell it.  Maybe.
This past weekend helped shake me out of my funk.  Had a friend in town on Friday who allowed me to unload on her.  Friends are special like that :)  Saturday we cheered the mister on at the St. Patrick's Day Run and spent some time exploring the Flea Market and estate sales.  Sunday the mister and I took in an Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros show.  It was JUST what I needed.  Upbeat, positive, happy, uplifting.  Necessary.

This week is proving to be much more tolerable than last.  I'm getting caught up on my ever-growing to-do list and I'm having fun working on upcoming projects...365-day project coming up soon, anyone?! 


  1. I really like your airplane necklace! Good luck with your upcoming projects! :)

  2. aww awesome your friend visited- that is always the best pick me up! super awesome necklace & even better you made it, love it!! lucky you for a spring break, def a nice perk of teaching : )

  3. tres chic! Oh, I love a good clearance sale. especially when a price is almost decent at anthro ;) I just bought a top there yesterday for $30. At anthro, that's practically FREE ;)
    Love that necklace! Its beautiful and so interesting! You are crafty!~


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