Monday, March 19, 2012

The Wishbone Collection

One of my favorite compliments regarding our house is when people notice things they never noticed before.  As you know, I like odd things and love to decorate our house in those odd finds.  One oddity that people are always shocked when they finally notice is my wishbone collection.  
Yes, I have a collection of wishbones.  True blue wishbones.   Some people notice them on their first visit and others take years to notice them. 
These wishbones have moved with me to four different locations over the past ten years and, let me tell you, trying to move wishbones without breaking them is no easy task!  I've always displayed them above a doorway or window in my kitchen simply by resting them on a long piece of hemp, with the largest in the middle and working my way out.  
So why do I have such a strange collection?  Because I have strange (and amazingly awesome) kinfolk.  

Growing up, I'd often spend warm summer days visiting my 'backwoods' family in Jay, Oklahoma.  Many of my distant relatives lived in close proximity on this lot of land and they literally lived off the land.  I'm told that as a child, I dined on turtle soup, rattlesnake, squirrels aplenty and who knows what else.  The stories that come from this land are epic and some could be considered folklore in our family history.  

(See that metal tub?  I used to bathe in that.  Okie born and bred ;)
So the wishbones.  The family members who lived in the little red house were my kind of decorators - cover the walls with everything.  As you can see, they even covered their walls with wishbones from the random birds they found and ate.  My parents have the other half of the collection displayed at their cabin and gifted the remainder to me.  Some of the wishbones they have are marked with tags stating the type of bird and year eaten.  Amazing really.
Nowadays, that red house sits empty slowly falling in on itself and the land that once housed so many of my relatives is barren of people.  
I'm thankful for those memories I have as a young girl exploring, swimming in the freezing creek, taking in the memory-covered walls.   

I'm thankful for those wishbones.

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  1. hello, i am doing a research on wishbones in different birds. searching for hours on google lead me here. since you seem to have a beautiful and well classified and detailed collection, i was wondering if you could send me pictures of wishbones and tell me which belonged to which bird?
    any help will be greatly appreciated.


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