Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fab Lab Presents Dale Dougherty

This past Tuesday, I was fortunate enough to be invited to the kick-off event for Fab Lab's 3rd National Symposium, presented by Tulsa's own Fab Lab!  I was absolutely thrilled to be asked to join because I knew that a very special speaker would be sharing his words, but more on that in a moment.
 The portion of the Symposium that I was able to attend was held at San Miguel Middle School, near Lewis & Admiral.  San Miguel is new to me but the more I'm learning about it, the more I'm loving it.  At this point in time, the school does not have an art program but that does not prevent the students from creating art with visiting guests!  The kids were shown a picture of Neil Gershenfeld, the creator of Fab Lab, and were asked to create these large scale representations of him which I am in LOVE with!  Pictured below are only a small portion of them.  I was quite impressed by many of them!
 The event's Keynote Speaker was none other than Dale Dougherty, the founder of the magnificent Make Magazine.  I had imagined I would be impressed with his words and I was not mistaken.  Not one bit.
 I wish I had been able to recap this event immediately following his speech so I could share the full extent of his words but alas, this busy week didn't allow it.  Dale spoke for nearly an hour (perhaps longer?!) about the maker movement, and how there are some (many) people who would rather make something themselves rather than go out and buy it.  (What a concept!  ;) How we have to realize that EVERYTHING was thought up by SOMEBODY.  How having a desire to understand how something is made, wondering how YOU can make something, should be embraced.  Not only should it be embraced in thought, but schools and families should embrace teaching through encouraging creativity, curiosity and instilling in children the belief that they CAN do it.  Anything.
Dale was such an accessible speaker that needed not a note to help him.  Not only did I leave feeling inspired but I left rejuvenated and elated to be surrounded with others who believe in the power of making.
So thank you, Dale and thank you, Fab Lab for bringing him to Tulsa!

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