Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The New Digs

Like I mentioned yesterday, in order for us to create a nursery, LOTS of rearranging has had to happen in the rest of the house.  We've only just begun but we have made some large strides which I'm going to share with you today!  

Prior to this arrangement, my creative workspace shared our guest bedroom/my dressing room.  We intend to make that room our future nursery so the goal was to move my workspace and combine it with our office which was filled with oversized, cumbersome furniture before.  First thing first was to pick out new office furniture, an adventurous experience I shared yesterday, and get rid of the old furniture that inhabited the office before.  Then, the process of moving and figuring out how my workspace would fit.  We were done within a week.

Introducing, my new workspace.
Basically, the room is divided in half.  This first half you're seeing is my workspace side and the other half is...take a wild guess...the office side.  (Sorry for some of the darker pictures, the natural light in this room isn't the greatest for photography which makes it hard to get accurate shots!) 
If you notice behind my chair, my bead boxes are piled high.  Those boxes actually store in the tall black shelf to your left.  In my other space, that shelf was behind my chair so I could just spin around and keep them there as I worked.  Now, not so much.  Honestly, it's the ONLY drawback I've found thus far.
You may remember those black and yellow chairs from a project last summer.  It's nice to have them more functional now in this space.  So far, I've been pulling one of those chairs around to set my laptop on to watch Netflix shows while I work.  The coat rack is full of bags for sale and I've been hanging altered clothes on it from time to time.  Once the nursery is in full effect, my dress form will be squeezed in here, too.
The walls are still a work in progress, naturally.  Where the two wind chimes are hanging (one came from my Granny and Papa's house and the other a gift from an Indonesian neighbor in college), I'd love to find a new (old) swag lamp to hang.  The starburst was a cheap estate sale find, the drying rack (which I am LOVING) was given to me at an estate sale, the spice rack shelf also came from my Granny and Papa's and the drawer shelf was a cheap flea market find.  I'm on the lookout for a larger wooden shelf to go above those two little ones to help store more goodies I've got stashed away.  Underneath the shelves I'm planning on hanging cork boards.  
To the right of the shelves hangs a random assortment of goodies that inspire me.  An old Okemah Lumber Co. work apron from the flea market is first up.  In case you've forgotten, that's where the mister is from and where we met!  And check out those phone numbers - 153 or 125.  The watercolor of the face is an original from a German artist (not sure of her name) that my sister gifted to me many years ago.  Up close, you'll see that there are numerous faces hidden within it.  The painting below that is a painting done by my mom based off of a photo of tiny me and Big Dan, a fixture in Jay, OK.  Also from Jay is the weird thing hanging off of the apron.  It's actually a musical instrument made from a deer bone, deer hooves and leather, made by my relatives.  Yes, these are also the wishbone relatives :)  The horseshoe is the one that we used in our wedding, as you may remember from this post.  And the wooden mirror?  Just a little something that the mister brought along with him when we moved in together that I've always loved.  You can see my rockin' pajama pants in its reflection :)

Our guest bedroom color is blood red, and yes, I do believe we'll be keeping some of the walls that color for the kiddo, regardless of its gender.  I grew out of love with it though as a workspace color.  I am already beyond in love being able to work in lighter colors.
And I'm loving having my sewing machine to my side instead of behind me :)  My sewing machine sits on an old, metal typewriter table that came from my Papa's old machine shop.  The gate-leg table was my Mimi's best friend's table that my mom bought from her in a garage sale when I was a kid.  I've had it ever since I moved out and I can't imagine not having it to work on.  
Across from my workspace wall is the office side of things or what I stare at as I work!  The shelf, desk and side drawer thing are what we bought on our Ikea trip.  Things are MUCH more efficient than they were before, which makes this organized gal VERY happy.  Eventually, we will cover those bright white drawers with a darker contact paper to help balance out the room.  
You know, I always like the look of the rainbow organized bookshelves but I just can't bring myself to do that to my own shelves.  I HAVE to have books categorized according to topic.  And I can't just stand books up next to each other.  I must have them going this way and that.  I always have :)
One of my favorite parts about this room is the vignette on top of the bookshelf.  My aunt made that latch-hook rug in the late seventies and gifted it to me when I went to college.  I've always been enamored with it. The framed photos are a Christmas tradition - I always give the mister a framed collage of our past year.  It's fun to see them building and to see so many memories together.  Next to that are some vintage Ronson Buddha bookends and my beloved Siamese Cat TV Lamp.  Nestled behind the kitty is a Frankoma Indian Maiden that was given to me when I received my WoHeLo Medallion and finally, the globe was a beautiful surprise gift from the mister at our first Christmas together.

So there you have it, a long-winded, link-heavy tour of my most frequently used room!  There's still a few more things to be done but at this point, it's pretty close to being done!  I'm hoping to make lots of pretty things in it during my teaching break!  :)

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  1. I'm inspired! I've been struggling with my workspace—so many beads, so few containers and so little shelf space—but I'm tackling this week, I swear! And then I, too, will have vignettes in my workspace! Exclamation point!


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