Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Trip South That Went South

Now that you know our big secret, I can finally tell you about our adventurous (birthday!) weekend last month!  Warning, it's a little lengthy but hopefully entertaining! :)

It was a beautiful Friday morning and the mister and I were having a slow day at work (yes, we work together, with my folks).  We'd been talking nonstop about needing to find new office furniture on the cheap to start rearranging the office to accommodate my workspace which would allow our guest bedroom to become a nursery.  We'd looked around town and just couldn't find anything in our meager price range that would work in our awkward space so we ultimately decided that Ikea was where we needed to look.  We randomly decided to ask for the rest of the day off, ran home to pack some overnight bags, wrangled a beast-sitter and were on the road to Dallas within two hours!  
On another whim, I felt the urge to make the bulk of the drive down, which doesn't happen very often.  I'm a much better passenger on long-ish road trips.  I was about three hours into the drive (chomping on Sprees the entire way...this is going to be one sugar-loaded baby!), with just about an hour left when we heard a pop followed by a sound similar to a plastic bag being drug under the car.  I quickly pulled over after a fleeting moment of panic and we got out to inspect the sound.  Yup, we'd had a blowout.  Fabulous.  Luckily, I had my hunky handyman along for the ride who knows how to deal with these sort of situations.  
I plopped myself down on the ground next to my personal mechanic, snapped some photos and enjoyed the beautiful weather we were experiencing.  We were only waylaid for about 45 minutes and were back on the road with no other problems....that day! 
We found a nice little hotel not far from our Ikea destination that seemed to be perfect for us.  Little did we know, the blackout curtains were only for show and wouldn't close (I MAY have freaked out a little about this...I need pitch black to sleep!) AND right outside our window was a gigantic LED sign that changed colors every few minutes.  All.  Night.  Long.  Oh, and did I mention that on this trip, I developed an insane case of allergies/sinus junk?!  To say I didn't sleep well was an understatement.  

Did I also mention that the following Saturday was the mister's birthday?  Another reason we jumped on this trip!  Our anny was in a few days as well so we thought it would be nice to go to a nice restaurant to celebrate both of these occasions.  Since we were in Texas, a big, thick Texas steak sounded delicious to us (sorry vegetarians!) so we got a recommendation for a 'great steak' from the hotel front desk guy.  Upon our arrival to the restaurant, we discovered it was a Texas chain but decided to dine there anyways.  We totally shouldn't have.  It was TERRIBLE.  And our dining neighbors were a family of 10 celebrating a 20-something's birthday.  Sounds innocent enough except that they were blatant, loud racists!  We were not amused but throughout everything, we kept our spirits.  
After a rocky night of snotty sleep, we journeyed down to the hotel's hot breakfast only to sit next to the most annoying man I think I've ever encountered.  He kept rudely telling his dining companion to 'Shut up!  I'm talking!' over and over again and shared thoughts on pilots, politics, 9/11, conspiracy theories and more.  It was way too early for that business.  At least the breakfast was good ;)

Shortly after we found ourselves at Ikea!  The mister had never been to one before and I'd only been to one while interning in Hungary which meant I could only buy things that I could fly home with!  I was stoked to have a large vehicle for this visit :)

Everything went according to plan on our shopping trip!  They had everything we wanted and everything fit our measurements!  (I'll share the office overhaul shortly so you can see what we got/did.)  We were out of there by noon and decided to go ahead and hit the road, stopping for lunch once we were out of crazy-town.  We also opted to try and get home on our full spare so we could go to the tire place in Tulsa where we originally bought our tires from.  We figured we could make it...
We had just gotten out of the crazy Dallas traffic when I pulled my shoes off, leaned my seat back and prepared to catch up on the sleep I lost the night before when we heard a loud BOOM.  The mister quickly pulled over while I quickly put my shoes back on and we soon discovered that our spare had blown as well.    Seriously.

We weren't able to pull as far off on the shoulder as I would have liked so as soon as we had called AAA (bless them), we trekked down just a bit to the closet overpass to hang out...FOR TWO HOURS.
Let me remind you of a few things:  this was the mister's birthday, we had yet to eat, I was horribly congested and I am pregnant.  There was NO coverage for me to pop a squat anywhere (And I'm not opposed to doing that; thank you years of camping!) so my squished bladder was a-screaming.  Also, denying a preggo their food, especially when it dictates their level of nausea, is just plain cruel.  
Luckily, the weather was again beautiful, we had all day to kill and we weren't in the crazy Dallas traffic when this blowout occurred.  Again, we kept positive spirits throughout this whole ordeal.
And it certainly won't ever be a birthday that we'll forget.
Due to a large accident up the highway, the tow truck had to detour considerably which is why his arrival was so delayed.  I *did* have a brief moment of 'woe is me' once we were inside the tow truck and he was pulling our ride onto his.  I think it was a combination of hunger, fatigue and that terrible smell of diesel that pushed me over the edge.  

The driver had to dig out a never-been-used-before seat belt for me to use, per my request.  We made a short drive to a nice tire shop and found out we would have to spend close to $500 on new tires that day.  So much on saving money on furniture!  ;)  We didn't have the option of shopping around, so new tires it was.  When we first arrived at the tire shop, I made my way to the bathroom as quickly as possible and was amused to find a HUGE line of dirt across my midsection from that brand-new seat belt.  Made me laugh :)

While we waited for about an hour to get our tires fixed, we found a GREAT local pizza place, Durkins, that  allowed us to sit back, relax and devour some good grub.  I found myself dreaming of that pizza the other day, actually.  

By the time our car was ready to hit the road, we would have ORIGINALLY been home had everything gone according to plan.  We made the drive home in record time and didn't have to stop once for me to go to the bathroom!  Amazing!  ;)  

All in all, it was a great impromptu weekend even with all of the hiccups.  While it seems that nothing was in our favor, there were so many things that WERE in our favor; us remaining safe and sound, most importantly.  It will certainly be a weekend we'll never forget and one we can tell our kiddo about in the future..."Have we ever told you about the weekend we decided to start the steps on making a nursery for you?...."

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  1. That sounds awful! OH NO! You poor things. I wouldn't have been a happy camper either.

    OK, so it's my turn now: I'm pregnant! But not ready to announce it on my blog yet either.

    I saw on Facebook that you're having a girl! I am so happy about that! Hope you're feeling well!


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