Friday, April 13, 2012

Two of Those Outfits: The End & A Little Fuzziness

No, not the end of outfits but the end of the semester!  Hooray!  I welcome this mental break with open arms :)  This semester was a doozy for me, a good one but a rough one.  I'm sure I'll be back at it for summer classes in a month or two but for now, mindless work and Alliday planning it will be!
Man, are those sleepy eyes or what?!  Told you I've been a nap-a-holic for the past few months!  Oh well :)
I picked this dress up at an estate sale quite some time ago.  It sat in my 'to alter' pile for quite some time until I finally got to it.  I had thought about taking it in but since I'll just be getting bigger for a while, I decided to keep it the size it is and just chop off those sleeves a bit to make it more modern.  I know, chopping off sleeves is such a new thing for me ;)  Originally, the collar was made to flip up and form a turtleneck type top but the fasterners were broken there and I liked it folded over so I kept it as is!  
I finished this one off with Target cardigan, Target flats and some earrings my dad gave to my mom in the early eighties while on a family vacation in Destin, Florida which was where we always vacationed when not camping together :)  That cute little belt came with the $1 dress and since there's no close up of the dress, you can't tell that the pattern is a small navy blue houndstooth.  Perfection.
Wednesday was the last, last class!  I had thought about wearing another sleeve-altered dress but the weather was a bit chillier than Monday so I went with this number.
Ooooooold Gap skirt and clearance sweater with Target booties, Green Couch Design necklace and oooooold vintage scarf.  
During this shoot, we invited Vera outside to join us for a few photos.  I am proud to announce that I am now the newest StreetCats board member and I'm elated to be so!  I've worked with the organization for a decade now after taking in my first two ladies from there and I've grown to strongly believe in what they do. I'll be spotlighted in their next newsletter so we needed a shot of myself and a furry lady.  Since Vera is familiar with being in front of a camera and already gets outside time periodically, we thought she'd be the perfect picture companion.
She LOVES to have her shoulder blades scratched and will lean back as far as you'll support her!
When she's in the yard, the beast ALWAYS tries to corral her back up onto the porch.  He knows that the kitties aren't allowed to stray!
I'd say she enjoyed herself  :)


  1. Replies
    1. Invested in a new bra today that I believe is helping the situation :)

    2. baby shepley's going to be a happy little titty baby... I'm not sayin'; I'm just sayin'. And you know this is all just coming from boob envy as I did not get those genes :D

  2. Okay, so the boobs comment wasn't just me being a perv. Glad to know I'm not the only one to agree with your prior statement that they had grown!

    Any who, before you think I'm hitting on you, let me say I love Vera and I love Street Cats and all they do. Congrats on your position! My first kitty as an adult was a stray who my friend found. I didn't have the money to get all his work done and SC did it for me for just the adoption fee. I had him until he was 15 and he was my first child!

    1. Ha! I guess I've just been in booby denial ;)

      That's awesome! I love hearing about former StreetCats and their lives after leaving the shelter!

  3. First of all, you look AWESOME! That outfit looks very boob on you. I mean good, it looks good on you. All boobs aside, just all in all, you look like a goddess.


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