Monday, April 23, 2012

A Weekend to Breathe

This weekend was a good one.  Nothing special was planned, nothing pressing was calling to be done.  
 I spent some time out back with the mister on Saturday working on transplanting our herbs into some pots while he worked on putting in the rest of our veggies into the garden!  He plants and takes care of the garden while I harvest and cook with its bounty.  It's a beautiful balance, we've discovered.
Before digging in dirt, I had been running around town all day.  By choice.  My tummy is officially starting to stick out a bit more which means my clothes aren't as friendly as they once were.  I can still wear many of my things and will continue to do so but, they just aren't wearing quite the same which, coupled with the change in seasons, awakened the urge to marathon bargain shop.  
 I mapped out the places I wanted to hit and was on my way.  My first stop was by chance though.  I happened upon an elementary school fundraiser which had GOBS of awesome clothes for $.50 a pop.  I moseyed through the sale filling up my arms and keeping a straight face but in my head, I was skipping along and squealing each time I found a gem :)  I started altering a few pieces last night that I'll share soon.  

I also hit a local specialty thrift store that was having a sale.  I spent more than I anticipated but got some pieces that should last me throughout the 'age of expansion' and beyond.  In addition to a few other sales and thrift stores, I also stopped by Garden Ridge to stock up on cheap summer dresses.  I always get the strangest looks from people when I tell them that that is the place to go for summer staples but it's true!  
We finished Saturday off at a friend's house for an 'open grill' gathering meaning, you bring your own meats and they provide the grill.  Oh, and you bring a side to share.  It was a wonderfully laid back evening.  

Sunday was equally wonderful; I didn't leave the house all day.  Perfection.

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  1. sounds like a wonderful day, that's a great idea for a grill w/ friends! love that orange/blue dress but what is Garden Ridge? Your garden looks fantastic too, what a nice big one! what did you plant?


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