Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cleaning House & A Question

First off, a big fat THANK YOU to your feedback on my last ranting post!  I feel so much better having gotten those things out and knowing that I'm not alone :)  You guys are kinda, really awesome!

This week, I've pulled myself up and out of my grouchy funk and have been cleaning, organizing and rearranging like a mad woman!  I know, I know, everyone says that I'm nesting but honestly, I'm not so sure!  Over the past five years of teaching, whenever I'm on break from the classroom I always seem to go on these rampages!  So far this week I've overhauled my office at work, rearranged our bedroom (with the help of the mister, of course), purged SO many clothes (online yard sale coming soon!), completely emptied my dresser and relocated those clothes into a new area, and worked more on emptying out the front bedroom to allow for a nursery!  And you should hear what all is still on my mental to-do list!
 ALSO, I've been preparing for my first show of the year - Blue Dome Arts Festival in downtown Tulsa next weekend!  This is my first of three three-day outdoor shows in the next three months.  Yeah.
 My light switch plates are always a big hit at this show so I've been making a million new ones just for it!  Today I'll be starting on 25 new vintage pattern plates which are probably my biggest seller of the plates.  I only use the covers of the packaging, leaving the actual pattern untouched!  Over the years, I've scanned all of the packaging before I cut it up then I print out the imagery and pattern details, stick it with the actual pattern and have stuck them back in a box.  My goal was to learn how to follow a pattern and put these puppies to use but that has yet to happen.  

So since I'm in the midst of this purging/cleaning/organizing fit, I'm ready to get rid of the patterns.  But I'm not sure how!  Should I put them in my Etsy shop with the disclaimer that the original packaging is not included, should I just give them away to whoever wants them or should I just recycle them?!  There are probably close to 100 of them...  HELP!
This last pattern shown here just cracks me up :)  Beefcakes! 

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  1. Hmmm... I think you could certainly post in your Etsy shop with that disclaimer. But, if we ever to a crafty sale/swap, that might be the perfect place to unload them! I know I sure like those first two :)


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