Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Down It Came

The other day, I shared the story of the sign.  Much reminiscing about its journey has been happening around these parts, leading to my dad digging around and locating the batch of photos he took on the day the sign made its trip to the ground.  I found the photos to be fantastic so I thought I'd share them here, as a follow up to my last post :)
Remember, nobody knew if the 3,000 pound sign would make it down in one piece.  I can only imagine what was going through everyone's head at this point.  I know what my brain would have been saying, and it wouldn't have been pretty!
My dad said that while he waited for the sign to come down and while he snapped photos, two different women tried to convince him to give the sign to them.  They all later realized that they had gone to elementary school together.  
Perhaps my favorite picture of the bunch, my dad fifteen years ago on the day he got the sign, much like the photo I took last week.
And yes, once its new home is complete, I will share it here too :)

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