Thursday, May 31, 2012

One of Those Outfits: 23 Weeks

23 weeks.  I definitely feel more pregnant with my bump hard to hide now.  I can no longer suck my tummy in and kicks are aplenty.  One day there were none and the next, it's like she's a professional soccer player.  The mister even got to feel one last week!  I feel them mainly at night when I'm laying in bed trying to relax.  Perhaps it's my position that makes them easier to feel?  Or maybe that's just when she's more active?
Physically, I'm doing pretty good aside from some pesky hip pains at night.  I battled hip issues before I even became pregnant but they are certainly more pronounced now, especially on days when I'm incredibly physical.  I visited my chiropractor for the first time during this pregnancy yesterday and I will certainly be keeping that up until our lady is here.  In a way, I feel like I've hit a plateau with weight gain in the past week but I'm sure that will be discredited when I visit my doctor next week ;)  I'm still having frequent nosebleeds but that's something I've just gotten used to and my gums bleed MUCH easier than ever before.  In fact, I had my teeth cleaned on Tuesday and was floored by how much blood there was.  I was assured that it wasn't me, just the pregnancy :)
I've had a pretty easy go at this whole pregnancy thing so far but honestly, I don't think I'll miss being pregnant when this is over.  The attention I'm receiving is beyond strange to me and perhaps it's because it's something that I feel quite private about (yes, I sense the irony as I write about my pregnancy on my public blog).  I feel like I haven't been writing as much lately but that's really due to the fact that whatever filter I had left is completely gone now and I don't want to scare you off with my bluntness ;)  It's a side effect of pregnancy that I oddly enjoy though.  I'm still easily annoyed with people but I'm doing well with keeping my mouth shut and trucking on along :)  The mister is still being beyond fantastic with everything and for that, I am ridiculously grateful.  He gives me the confidence and strength that I lack in this.
Over the past holiday weekend, the mister and I visited my folks' cabin for a night.  Before we left town, we ran by a few sporting goods stores to look for some random fishing stuff.  Leave it to me to find a dress/skirt that I couldn't live without there.  The skirt from above came off of a half price clearance rack at Sports Authority for $15 and I couldn't love it more.  I actually went back and bought two more because a) they are multi-functional b) um, clearance rack! c) I can wear them throughout my entire pregnancy d) I can wear them AFTER my pregnancy e) mega comfortable.  I could go on, but I won't :)  

The top above was given to me by a friend in college.  She lived some of her childhood in Indonesia and that was once a dress she wore in her younger days.  She passed it along to me and I wear it ALL of the time.  It's another old one that I I would have never thought would be a pregnancy staple.
And one to show you the skirt as a dress.  It ties around the neck and is perfect for summer!  

While at the cabin, I did some swimming/floating with the beast for the first time with this new body.  I'm hoping to use the same swimsuits I've been using the past few years, just with a larger gut sticking out between the pieces ;)  I'll spare you those pictures!  That was definitely the highlight of my weekend - spending time relaxing in the water.  I can't wait to introduce our lady to water!   I've a feeling that she's destined to be a water bug :)  Also while at the cabin, my mom helped me follow my first pattern - a vintage maternity tunic.  I sewed it up that night and it was a success!  Well, aside from an askew pocket.  I think I'll make a few more of those tops and try my hand at another vintage maternity pattern, this time a dress!
So in sum, I'm still here, alive and well and so is the kid in my belly.  And the beast, well, the beast is still getting his share of belly rubs too ;)


  1. You're so darn cute! I never had a filter, but one of my BFFs, who is the sweetest person, became so controlling and unwilling to put up with any BS when she was pregnant. I guess it's nature's way of preparing us to protect our young at any cost. You'll appreciate it later! I also know what you mean about not missing being pregnant. The only part of it I liked was feeling the baby and growing life. The rest sucked. If you don't have one yet, think about investing in a good body pillow for yourself, especially if you have any hip or back pain. I had so much sciatic pain in my first pregnancy and I wish I had gone to a chiropractor. Instead I suffered for at least 3 months and it was awful. A great pillow to cradle your body will work wonders to help you, especially when you get bigger and have to sleep on your side. Later, it can be a nursing pillow (if you end up doing that). If not, you will still be able to use it for years! Oh, and love your body now before you are a whale! I bet your cute little bump is adorable in your swim suit! And just remember - you will only look like this for a short time so live it up and suck up the pampering and attention!

  2. Edited to add: Not that you will be anything like a whale. I was a whale and I'm projecting onto you. You will be a beautiful dolphin!

  3. You look sooo pretty! Love seeing that skirt as a dress, it's def a super hip preggo outfit and you look amazing! you seem super fit but then that adorable belly, ah I love seeing it! I had no idea being pregnant could make your gums and nose bleed more, that would have really scared me at the dentist but glad to hear you're doing well! Do people you don't know well try to touch your belly? that def is the weirdest thing i've seen but maybe it's some weird primal instinct that we just love pregnant women.


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