Sunday, May 13, 2012

To My Moma

A big 'ol Happy Mother's Day to my Moma!  Yes, Moma.  Everyone tells me I spell her term of endearment incorrectly (even this computer) but that's how I've always spelled it - phonetically, ya know.  My phone auto-corrects it to MOMA (Museum of Modern Art, I assume) but you know what, It's a name that deserves to be capitalized!
I've had people wish ME a Happy Mother's Day today which has somewhat thrown me for a loop but has also served as a reminder of what's to come.  I've been thinking about those memories of MY Moma that have always fondly stuck with me and I wonder what memories will stay with our little girl.  Will she love having her mom wash her hair in the kitchen sink, like I did?  Will she feel like she can openly rant about religion and politics to me like I do to my Moma?  Will she learn to love animals with all of her heart like I learned from my mom?  Will we laugh together until we have tears streaming down our faces as Moma and I have done?  Will I be able to teach her how to kick ass at card games, how to make up recipes on the fly, or how to drive defensively?  My Moma, teacher of plenty and embracer of all, makes me strive to be a committed, compassionate, successful mother.  Thank you, Moma, for motivating and inspiring me to be half as good as you :)  
Happy MOMA'S Day.


  1. Thank you...Happy Mother's Day to you too...Moma!

  2. What a sweet, heartfelt post. Thanks for sharing this, it sounds like you and your mom have a wonderful relationship and while it's impossible to know what similarities will come about I suppose it's the surprises our different personalities bring about that make life interesting right? : )

  3. Aw, this post made me tear up. I'm so excited to see the relationship grow and blossom between you and your little lady!!! I'm sure there WILL be many tears of laughter and many pets. :)

  4. I came across your blog today looking for people who spell it Moma also. I have always done it that way as well. Not really sure why when the rest of the world spells it the other way :) One of my sisters always tells me she's gonna have to teach me how to spell it also. boo. Ha ha. Sweet post too :)


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