Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Where The Wind Comes Sweeping Down The Plain

My fourth Blue Dome Arts Festival is DONE.  
The week leading up to the show, I was beyond stoked by the weather reports - sunny, beautiful temperatures and no signs of a storm.  Well, apparently I missed the reports of a WIND ADVISORY!  I've done shows in 100+ temperatures, monsoon downpours, but never a show with 45+ mph wind gusts.  Intense, to say the least.  
My sister spent the majority of Friday helping me set up and man the booth until Sarah, my booth mate, was able to join me.  Being five months pregnant, I was a little concerned about signing myself up for such a labor intensive ordeal but was glad I did.  The only time that I really questioned my decision was Friday evening while lying in bed wondering if my hips would ever recover.  For me, the first day of multiple-day, outdoor shows is always the hardest physically.  This was no different.

Friday was a wee bit windy but nothing like Saturday would prove to be.  Some of those aforementioned wind gusts were the cause of the death of some arts, our booth included. 
Saturday afternoon, two particularly strong gusts FLIPPED OVER two of our tables. The mister and I had stepped out of the booth for a short while, only to return to our booth resembling the aftermath of a tornado.  It was cray-zay.  I'm the type that normally won't even pack up thirty minutes early for a show, regardless of the circumstances.  At this point, I was contemplating packing up a day and a half early and heading home.  Physically, fighting the wind wasn't something I was sure I should be putting my body through and emotionally, it was just plain draining.  We rallied though, took our booth down to its bare bones and stayed through the entire show.  I'm so glad we did :)
With the help of many bungee cords, lots of twine, helpful neighbors and quick reflexes, no other catastrophes occurred.  
Sunday was a breeze, pun intended, with no major gusts and a brief period of wonderfully cooling rain.  The mister and I were actually able to walk around for a bit to enjoy the show and check out the talented artists which is my favorite part :)
I can't even count the amount of friends that stopped by our booth to say 'hello'. THAT made my weekend. And being set up with friends down our stretch of road was equally as enjoyable...although I did find myself coveting their ice cold beers from time to time ;)  
Within the next two months, I have two more three-day, outdoor shows I'm committed to.  Crazy much? Yes, yes indeed :)  I'll be set up at a new show in Bixby, OK on June 22-24th at Vintage Market Days and of course I'll be set up at my favorite, Woody Fest in Okemah, OK, from July 11-15th.  Hopefully the weather will be a bit more forgiving at those shows for myself and my growing belly :)

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  1. congrats on your booth!! I looove those bags, esp the ones w/ the flower patterns, so pretty & those wine bottle holder from old shirts are perfect, just saw those the other day at a little eco-boutique. Glad you surivived the wind ok in the end!


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