Tuesday, June 19, 2012

One of Those Outfits: 25ish Weeks

Fifteen weeks left.  Amazing.  To be honest though, I'm not quite sure if I'm 25 or 26 weeks!  I know she's not in there marking days off of the calendar so I'm not too concerned with where I exactly fall, just that everything is moving along smoothly :)  
There was a little bump in the road last week.  Chalk it up to me having two bizarre issues, googling those issues and jumping to a worst case scenario situation.  Really though, when it comes to OUR health right now, I figure you can't be too safe.  After a day having all sorts of labs run and a few doctors appointments, it's safe to say that all is well now :)  Physically, I'm beginning to feel more stretched and I'm noticing that it's taking a bit longer for me to bend over or get up off of the floor.  I'm still quite active though, which is nice.  I've experienced bits of what some refer to as 'placenta brain' - I am having a difficult time remembering words and I even forgot that I ate a meal the other day!  And my hands have been having a time hanging onto things; I can't tell you how many things I've dropped in the past 48 hours!
I'm still feeling well but honestly, I'm also feeling BIG!  And yes, I surely know that I'm just going to get bigger!  I feel wide all around - I'm certainly not one of those pregnant gals that looks like they've just swallowed a basketball!  I've rearranged the skirt section of the closet, moving the elastic banded ones front and center :)  I've also made a few items that I think will serve me well for the rest of the summer, including this skirt!
Everyone seems to think that I must be miserable being pregnant in Oklahoma during this time of the year but so far, I've absolutely no complaints about the weather!  It's been perfect to me!  I'm typically cold anyways so I've been feeling pretty good outside.  I am participating in a three-day outdoor show this weekend though and with forecasts with 100 degree days, my attitude may change!  ;)
I picked up the large Gap tee at a garage sale for $.25 in addition to a purple one, undershirt from the great beyond, skirt was handmade by me, shoes from Payless clearance a few years back, belt from the great beyond (belts are the only thing making me feel like I have a waist!) and coin necklace from the Flea Market.

The third trimester is right around the corner, as is adding to our household!

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  1. I think you are adorable and not huge at all! The middle part of pregnancy is the best. When you can still move relatively well and maneuver around the belly and appreciate all the baby's movements and growth. It's just amazing. Oh, and teach the mister to do pedicures (I hate getting my toes done) because you want those toes cute when you're pushing that baby out, and reaching your toes is one of the last things to go. I actually was able to do mine, but not comfortably, so maybe you will be fine. Just a warning in case you are big on painted toes like me. And your hair is so pretty and long!


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