Monday, June 4, 2012

Unplanned Perfection

Have you ever had one of those weekends where you didn't plan a thing and it ended up being spectacular? We had one of those weekends.  An adventurous, beautiful, productive weekend together.

For the past few months, I've been carrying around this little pamphlet in my purse for an antique show in Dewey, OK.  I knew that a vendor who sold old lockers would be there and lockers have been on my mental wish list for the nursery for some time now.  I had hoped that we may hit up the show but hadn't made any concrete plans to do so.  Saturday morning when we woke up, the weather looked perfect and nothing else was on the agenda so the mister and I grabbed some doughnuts and hit the road!
We found the lockers within minutes of entering and scarfed them up.  We lack closet space considerably in our mid-century home so we've dreamt up a wardrobe of sorts we'll be building with them!  We're both excited to start working on this project :)
After an hour or so hitting antique shops in the special-to-us town, we scratched our heads where to head next.  There was a festival going on in Bartlesville but when we drove by, parking was scarce and we weren't sure we really wanted to go.  Then one of us randomly brought up Woolaroc and our destination was chosen!
I haven't been to Woolaroc but once, when I was 9 or so years old.  I have VERY vague memories of the wildlife preserve but always knew that I wanted to go back.  The mister had never been before.  I'm sure we'll go back in a few years with our lady but for this trip, it was perfect to enjoy it as just us two :)
At the Mountain Man Camp, we threw axes, shot bows and arrows and traipsed around in tee pees and tents.  I was excited to see an antler instrument in one of the tents, much like the one I grew up playing with.
As you drive through the park, you'll be witness to many different species of wildlife.  My favorite was seeing the water buffalo hanging out in the water, appropriately :)  
The exterior of the museum is something I could stare at for days.
We figured we'd get in a belly shot while we were at it ;)
One of the VERY few things I remember about Woolaroc as a child was feeding appropriate trash to the giant buffalo.  I don't know why that was the only thing that stuck with me but I was quite excited to find this random attraction during our visit.

The mister made a friend in a very cute baby goat :)
After three-ish hours there, we took backroads back to Tulsa but not without stopping by Skiatook Lake just to stop and breathe for a moment.  The lake was FULL of boats.  It really was the perfect weekend to be on the water...or to take impromptu road trips :)
Once we arrived back to Tulsa, we swung by to pick up a house guest for the evening - my parents' dog.  The beast and him are quite an entertaining pair to watch.  We'd never kept this guy overnight before so it was somewhat of an experiment, one that went pretty well.  

We finished off the evening watching the Thunder even up the series and hopefully tonight they'll take the lead!  I'm far from a sports gal but basketball is one I can get excited about...especially this team!
Sunday was equally as wonderful and unplanned, just spent at home.  I don't think I could have planned out a more enjoyable 48 hours if I had tried.


  1. Haha, all I remember of woolaroc is the trash eating buffalo too!

  2. What an awesome weekend! I love the water buffalo chillin in the water. Also, your parents' dog is super adorable!
    And I'm with you about sports. Not really a sports fan but I love watching Thunder basketball now! haha

  3. What a great day! Now I want to go to Woolaroc! And that dog is adorable!

  4. sounds like a wonderful day indeed! I didn't know water buffalo actually existed anywhere in the US still... or in nature at least. so glad u got that shot! Looks so fun getting to test out things & you two look adorable.

  5. You look great!!! And the trash eating buffalo is my only clear memory of Woolaroc too! I need to go back... :) Glad you had a fun weekend!


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