Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Fifth of July

Our Fourth of July didn't go quite as planned but it was still quite perfect.  With the holiday falling in the middle of the week, we stayed in town, unlike last year, and had planned on visiting the river to see our city's huge show.  The mister woke up SUPER early to go golfing and I woke up later with a full blown summer cold.  I can still barely breathe and with nothing that I can really take, my best medicine has been to take it easy, drink lots of water and rest.  That's not to say that I wasn't productive yesterday! In spurts :)
 I finished fixing up some refrigerator pickles made from cucumbers and onions from the yard!  I'm not much of a cucumber eater (nor pickles) and our garden is overflowing with them so I tried out this recipe and crossed my fingers.  The mister is obsessed with them.  I still haven't tried them, but they smell good! :)
 While the mister worked more in the nursery, I went outside and worked on removing rust from these stools that I fixed up a while back.  I found that white vinegar, a wire brush and lots of elbow grease were the key. Today they will get coated to prevent them from rusting in the future, something that we should have done forever ago!  
 After tidying up the deck and a big break, the mister let me shave his head.  I've been BEGGING him to let me do this since I've known him!  Not that I don't love his hair but I have always wanted to shave someone's head!  Even my own! :)  *I swear, one of these days I WILL shave my own head - I came close in college, with a haircut that just looked like it was shaved...I'll have to find those photos.*  It was quite the fun experience and really made it feel like summer with outdoor haircuts.  I loved that last little tuft of hair :)
 We finished off the evening with some burgers, grilled asparagus and tater tots.  And a whole slew of cucumbers and fridge pickles for the mister :)
We heard some fireworks here and there but never saw any except for on the few channels we flipped through before this stuffy gal called it quits and slept her heart out.  How was your Fourth?


  1. Sounds like a nice, chill day. Although I'm not sure how canning and un-rusting barstools is resting! The pickles look yummy and I'm jealous you have so many cucumbers! And my Mr. shaves his head too and it makes life easier. Now, you shaving yours? Well, at least Locks of Love would have a lot of hair to work with!

  2. looks divine! And you could just send me some of those fridge pickles if you need to get some off your hands ;)


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