Monday, July 23, 2012

One of Those Outfits: 30 Weeks, Life & Death

This past week was a roller coaster.  Good, bad, sad, busy, tragic,'s been all over the place.
The sad news first.  If you are a local Tulsan like I am, then you surely heard the news about the gang shooting at Best Buy.  Well, the innocent bystander that was killed was the stepfather of one of my oldest and dearest friends.  He was shopping for a birthday gift for his wife with his 10-year old daughter when the event occurred.  Truly tragic.  And truly the loss of an amazing individual who contributed so much to our society.  My priority this past week was to be there for them in any way needed.  They hope that his death will make a difference in beginning to eliminate the gang problem we face here and the only way to do that is through community support and actions of our city's leaders.  Anytime you see a teal ribbon in town, remember that goal.
While dealing with that, we were also elated to welcome life into this world!  Our unbelievably wonderful neighbors welcomed their little man last week, who we had the pleasure of meeting yesterday!  His entrance into this world coupled with our first baby shower on Saturday made things really, really REAL!  So very soon we'll have a little one OUT of my tummy and in our arms!  
The shower was fantastic, as was seeing family and friends that I seldom get to see!  Our little lady will be very lucky to have all of them in her life.  It was much fun going through all of the little goodies with the mister once I got home while imaging what our world will soon be like.  

On Friday night, I found myself having difficulty trying to decide what to wear.  It's not easy dressing to go immediately from funeral to your baby shower in 100+ heat with a bump.  I was in luck though.  Saturday morning, while running a few quick errands, I ran into an estate sale at lightening speed and found this handmade, vintage dress among a few other pieces.  No prices were seen so I had no clue what I was facing.  Imagine my surprise/elation when I was told this dress was merely a quarter.  It took all of my might not to run back into the house to grab the rest of the vintage clothing - mainly little girls' clothes!  

With the color of remembrance for our lost friend being teal, I knew this would work for the funeral accompanied with a black jacket and would work for the baby shower following.  The question was if it would fit though and could I get it washed in time.  As luck would have it, it fit beyond perfectly and time was amazingly on my side to get it cleaned.  Estate sale belt, old Target flats and my mom's old owl necklace finished helping me out of this pickle and I was on my way.  
I'll leave you with this snapshot of myself, my mom and my Mimi (my dad's mom) from the shower.  These two women alone are two of the greatest gifts the little lady could ever have.


  1. You look cute as can be in that dress!! What a week you had - so sorry!! Hang in there dear friend!!

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. That is so sad. The dress is adorable!! I love estate sales. Your newest follower. :)

  3. awww, you're getting there! Yay for September babies! You look so cute too. Glad to hear the shower was a success!
    And so terrible about the shooting at Best Buy. That was all so senseless and tragic. I really hope that this senseless crime will help instigate change, as his family hopes. Change and healing.


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