Tuesday, August 7, 2012

One of Those Outfits: 33 Weeks

I've had a relatively easy pregnancy thus far.  This past week though, hasn't been my favorite.  I do realize that I still have it much easier than many though so I'm trying not to complain too much.  
 A week ago today, my gallbladder decided to go a little haywire which happens to some ladies during pregnancy.  I've had to adjust my diet to weed out the fat which honestly, kinda sucks when you want to eat pretty much anything!  But on the flipside, it's keeping me honest and healthy and isn't too different than my diet before.  No more BLTs or fried okra which is slightly depressing ;)  I'm crossing my fingers as tight as possible that I don't have another gallbladder attack during this pregnancy and that it continues to be my friend after she's here.  Time will tell.

I also noticed last week that my big toe is constantly numb.  I really didn't think much of it but have since discovered that I'm having a little sciatic nerve issue.  I can live with a numb toe as long as it doesn't get any worse!  Fingers (and numb toes!) crossed on that one as well!  
 My nimbleness is gone, getting up off the floor is NOT easy and I'm beginning to really hit that point of being uncomfortable but I'll survive.  Just a few more weeks is all I keep telling myself and then all of this will be a distant memory.  The little lady is ridiculously active now and at night, I'll often just watch my stomach move in these crazy ways that blow my mind.  She REALLY likes to keep her foot in my right rib, right in my gallbladder which is less than pleasing.  I've been spending much of my time with my hand wedged below my rib to keep her foot and my gallbladder separated!  Little bugger.   

I'm QUITE looking forward to getting a pedicure today, visiting my chiropractor tomorrow and getting my first (and probably only) prenatal massage on Thursday.  Getting this body (and mind) back in order!
 The nursery is coming right along and I think it's safe to say that I've officially hit my nesting stage.  Last night I deep cleaned out half of our kitchen cabinets.  I've also planned a big cook-fest with my mom in a couple of weeks to stock the freezer up on hearty, healthy meals for those first few months of life with an infant.  My night time wind-down has consisted of LOTS of reading in preparation for what's to come, list making galore and lots of quality kitty time :)
I grabbed this dress at an estate sale last week for $2.50 and love how bright and happy it is.  I may eventually take off the sleeves to accentuate the neckline but for now, it's perfect.  The belt came from Old Navy probably 10+ years ago, my trusty Birks and some old earrings I've had for eons.  Still steering clear of maternity wear and am still optimistic that I can make it to the end in 'normal' clothes.  

Optimism is the name of the game in every aspect of my life right now.  I wouldn't make it from day to day if it weren't, honestly.  Just got to keep on truckin'.  


  1. I still think you're adorable and doing a great job. Sciatic pain is common. Mine with my first pregnancy was AWFUL and lasted from month 7 until I had him. I limped everywhere and could barely move my left leg. Every step I took was planned and I slept on a heating pad that I had to try to keep far from my tummy just so that I could walk when I got up in the morning. I'm sure I looked like a handicapped prego, and it was embarrassing. At least I didn't have it as badly the second time because there is no way I could have chased an 18-month-old around with that. Be glad it's just the toe! My sister had that same issue with her second toe. Weird.

  2. I'm sorry it's starting to get a little uncomfortable for you, but on the upside you are in the home stretch and you STILL look smashing! I'm so excited for you right now. I can't wait to meet the little lady!

  3. You look so fabulous! All the discomfort is worth it, I promise. I STILL have a misplaced rib that gives me a lot of pain from carrying my two chubsters, but I'd do it all over again for them. Can't wait to see your sweet little girl!

  4. You look gorgeous! I love that dress on you!
    Sorry you're feeling all uncomfy. Hopefully the pedicure, chiropractor and massage will make you feel better!


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