Tuesday, August 21, 2012

One of Those Outfits: 35 Weeks

Not much to report here except that WE'RE ALMOST DONE!  Just five more weeks to go, if she stays in that long.  During this whole thing, I've had a feeling that she'll be early.  Who knows though!  She'll come when she's ready...and hopefully we'll be ready too!  There are times though when I feel like she's trying to bust through my stomach so maybe she's more ready than we think!  ;)
 I realize the ol' blog is quickly filling up with baby-related post after baby-related post but when you're growing a little person inside of you and are preparing for a life with them, well, it's a bit hard to focus on other things!  The nursery is 99% done.  Kiddo clothes are cleaned, organized and put away.  Kitchen is purged and organized.  Hospital has been toured.  Maternity photos have been taken.  This week is FULL of meetings for all sorts of aspects of my life.  I'm working on finishing up projects, tying up loose ends and just trying to get my ducks in a row before all hell breaks loose ;)  We have our hospital birthing class this weekend and one more tiny shower next week and then my life is unplanned.  September is wiiiiiiiide open and I plan for it to remain that way.
 I'm doing pretty good for the most part.  I'm not going to lie though - I will be VERY happy to get my body back to myself again.  I'm pretty uncomfortable the majority of the time now, with even walking being a chore.  I have a feeling she's started to drop already based on pressure changing and such which, I think, is also adding to walking being a bit more painful than I expected.  I'm no expert though!  I want to eat a bit every few hours now and, as the mister puts it, I have a drinking problem.  My water intake has more than doubled which is quite astounding if you knew how much water I drank before.  I'm basically a fish.  But I have yet to swell (knock on wood!) and I fully attribute my crazy water addiction to that fact.  I also have to pee constantly, crazy water intake or not.  
I wore this outfit two days in a row.  You're guilty of that too, admit it.  When you're not moving around too much, clothes don't seem to get as dirty :)  I wore it Sunday to a make:Tulsa meeting and yesterday to work and a StreetCats meeting. Would have been a good napping outfit too if only I'd had a moment to nap!
I know I said that I wasn't going to buy maternity clothing (aside from two pairs of shorts and two undershirts) BUT while the mister and I were cleaning out Target's shelves last weekend, I found this blue maternity dress on clearance...which I later discovered was a bathing suit cover up.  There's nothing really maternity-ish about it except that it's oversized and shapeless!  Anywho, I snagged it, paired it with an old Cold Water Creek jacket my mom gifted me a few years back, ollllllllld belt and a handmade necklace from a college friend who brought it back from a New Orleans trip a decade or so ago.  It is meant to ward off negativity and bad spirits; it's a protector.  Perhaps I should wear it during labor...

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  1. That is a gorgeous outfit! You look amazing. Nothing like the bloated toad I was with both of my babies. :) I'm excited for you! Can't wait to meet little Rio Rae!


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