Tuesday, August 28, 2012

One of Those Outfits: 36 Weeks & Made by Me!

Today is our 36 week mark!  Just four weeks left to go!  I have a feeling that when September 1st rolls around, I just might have a mini heart attack since the likelihood of her coming within that month is so high!  It's exciting and terrifying all wrapped up into one!  I can't wait to put a face to a name and to have my body back to myself again.
 My doctor confirmed last week that she has already started to drop which is why I'm SO uncomfortable in my hips and pelvis.  You should see me walk nowadays - I've got the waddle down.  I used to think pregnant women waddled because of the weight gain but now I know (at least for me) it's because of your bones moving this way and that!  So bizarre!  I cannot wait until I can move normally again and not wince in pain when I have to move!

I've had many people ask if I'm still working.  I am, kinda.  I'm working full-time for my folks still but am not teaching this semester which I'm already missing!  I plan on working up until she arrives unless I just can't move.  Once the little lady arrives, I'll be staying at home until the new year, working on Alliday and perhaps going into my folks' shop every once in a while.  After the new year, I plan to get back into the swing of things by teaching 1 or 2 classes and working at the shop again.  I'm incredibly fortunate that I'll be able to bring Rio to work with me and my mom will watch her while I teach.  SUPER lucky.
 Last night, some of my mom's friends threw a 'shower' for me which was more of an excuse for them to get together and gab, I believe ;)  They all pitched in and got our stroller and car seat for us which means we now have all the necessities!  The mister *may* have given some of the cats rides in the stroller around the house after I got home.  :)
 Months ago (while the Thunder were still playing!) I started working on a maternity dress from a mid-sixties pattern I had.  Pattern working is quite new to me but I've been having fun with learning.  I was rolling right along with this number until I needed to put in a zipper.  I froze.  And I shelved the dress for a few months until this past weekend.  I was scared of nothing!  The zipper was a breeze to put in!  Once I got the body of the dress assembled and tried on, I found that I GREATLY overestimated how big I would be by this time (nice surprise!).  From that point on, I abandoned the pattern and did my best at winging it.  I took out a large piece of fabric right down the middle, made a v-neck and completely changed the collar.  I am SO happy with it and proud of myself!  It's not perfect but neither am I :) This is what I wore to last night's shower. There's still room to grow in it and I hope that after she's born and there's no bump, I'm able to reconfigure it a bit more to continue to wear!
Have I told you that this little lady is due one day after my birthday?  I'm so antsy to see when she chooses to come!  Will we share the same birthday?  Will she be three weeks late like my sister and I were?  Will she be here next week?  Ahhhhh!!!!  :)


  1. That last picture is PRICELESS! And it is so like you to be completely fashionable all throughout your pregnancy. How do you pull that off?

  2. I think she needs to be born on her Auntie Em's birthday! :)

  3. Or, she could share a bday with Sylvie! the 13th! so many options. that way you wont have to wait so long.


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