Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Baby Steps

So we're 17 days into this whole parenthood thing and I've think we've got it down.  
That's a blatant lie.  
We're figuring out little bits every day, slowly but surely, which I'm sure will continue for the rest of our parenting lives. 
Brent went back to work last week which left me at home with Miss Rio on my own.  It's been good times at home but also unfamiliar times for me.  I'm not used to babies.  I'm also not used to not constantly going or being productive.  Sitting and just being is a new thing for me that I'm slowly learning to be comfortable with.  It's a good lesson for me to learn.

There are things that are making that change easier though.  She now weighs enough that I can wear her which frees up my hands and allows me to be somewhat productive.  I also finally got back on the road yesterday which was SO liberating.  I'm truly shocked that driving with her in the car doesn't freak me out at all.  I'm glad it doesn't!  Together we're road warriors.

I'm dying to sew something (I've had curtains laid out for at least a week now to cut).  I'm getting used to getting spit up on (often).  I'm loving seeing the animals act like she's always been here.  I love her little smiles.  I'm loving getting to know my new sidekick.


  1. Oh lordy, Briana, this post along with the sweet picture are almost too cute to handle. And honest too, which I like. You're making me so proud, and less intimidated by the whole thing. ;-)

  2. love that picture with her hand on yours!!! i'm highly impressed your not freaked out by driving! i'm STILL freaked out by driving the kids around!!!

  3. So true. Don't worry. The busy-ness will kick in soon enough. Relax and enjoy this stage. It is all so crazy fast, so soak it all in and get as much of that newborn smell as you can! You will fondly remember this stage for the rest of your life, and I'm so glad it's going well for you.


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