Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tis the Season... be crazy busy!  I feel like I haven't written here in quite some time so I thought I'd give a little update.  Life's been fairly hectic but wonderful.  
For Thanksgiving, we took our first road trip with Rio.  I think I was more nervous than anyone; highways give me the heebies.  We visited Brent's dad and family in Okemah and did our first overnight stay.  We all stuffed ourselves silly, watched football (well, I sat in the same room with lots of football being watched) and passed around the baby.  It was a great and successful little trip away.

The beast and Rio had some good bonding time in the backseat while we traveled ;)

For the rest of the holiday weekend, we spent it hanging around the house and putting up our Christmas decorations.  We've discovered that Rio loves lights, Christmas lights to be exact. 

Sunday evening we attended the Glow on the Green at the new Guthrie Green which was wonderful!  We hope to make it a family tradition.  If you're in Tulsa, it's worth checking out.

Last night we spent the evening at my parents' house helping them put out their Christmas decorations in preparation for an upcoming holiday party.  
It's hard to believe that Christmas is right around the corner.  When I have that thought, I have a mini heart attack because that also means that Alliday is SUPER close.  The show is what's been filling nap times for me and I'm getting pretty stoked about it!  December 15th...I hope to see you there!

On Monday, the little one turned 8 weeks old!  I guess that means she's pretty much two months old now!?  She's pretty fantastic.  She's sleeping 6-9 hours a night straight, has a great disposition and today, she rolled over for the first time!  At my folks' last night, I 'borrowed' the photo album full of childhood photos of me.  I'm dying to start comparing photos of the three of us to find similarities :)

I hope the days are treating you just as well as they have been us!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Pregnancy Post Roundup

It's SO incredibly surreal to me that I was pregnant for most of this year, gave birth and now have a baby.  Going back through my old posts kinda makes it all seem real but just barely.  ;)  I'm mighty glad that I documented the process though and enjoyed going back through it all.  I took a little time to wrap up all of my pregnancy posts into one post, presented to you here :)

First off, the progression of the bump.  I can't even remember what it was like to have that big ol' bump now although I find myself sometimes with my hand on top of my belly like I would do when I was larger.  I'm also having to get used to not wearing my belts so high! 
I documented my spring semester outfits before I shared that I was pregnant which can all be found here.  It's REALLY bizarre for me to go back through those posts since I wasn't showing at that point and wasn't outwardly talking about being pregnant.

At 15 weeks along, I came out with our news
After that, I shared outfits and reflections randomly:   

Somewhere along there, we had maternity photos done, explained her name, had a crazy cook-a-thon to freeze meals (SO glad we did that!), were given some wonderful baby showers, set up a nursery that we're pretty proud of and finally, had our baby Rio and shared her natural birth story!
4 weeks old
She'll be seven weeks old on Monday and I can't get over how much she's already changed.  It's amazing to me that she was inside of me.  So strange.  We still can't figure out who she looks like.  She's a smiling machine and coos constantly, will sometimes sleep up to seven hours at night (!!) and has her mother's wacky fashion taste ;)  We're lucky to have her around and hopefully she'll feel the same way :)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Pants Party!

This past weekend I had some good one-on-one time with my sewing machine.  With little time to sew, it can be a little intimidating choosing what to make!  So much pressure making that time count!  Well, with cold days here and a baby with very few pairs of pants, I decided to make pants out of random jersey scraps.  And pants galore I did make :)

I came across this fantastic tutorial online a few days ago and bookmarked it.  I'm fairly new to pattern following but this one was beyond easy.  These were a breeze to make!  In fact, I've made far :)
This was the pair that started it all, made from a dress that I have had since high school, affectionately known as the carrot dress.  One Halloween, my best friend wore this dress (long sleeve, long dress, alllllll orange) with a stuffed bunny pinned to the butt and a fake plant stuck in her hair.  She was a carrot and it was awesome.  Now the carrot dress has been reincarnated to cover my kid's tush. 
And what's a fashion post without a little modeling from a little model?!  In this photo, they are pulled up pretty far (a la grandpa stylin') which tells me that she'll be able to wear them for a few months to come! 
Next up on my baby clothes making list are t-shirts.  These t-shirts to be exact.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Fuzzy Friday: Mondo AKA The Beast

Before we had a human baby, we had a canine baby.  Who am I kidding, we still have a canine baby!

I've always professed to be a cat person.  I was never really familiar with dogs growing up, even though we had a couple.  One we had when I was quite young who died an unfortunate death early on and the other we had in my teens and early twenties who was more of my parents' dog.  It's not that I didn't like dogs, it's just that I wasn't exposed to them as much as cats.  
The beast's first photo ever on the day he was found.
I always dreamt of having a dog though that I could have jump in the car with me and run around town with, go on runs with during pretty days and have sleep at my feet while I relaxed during the day.  When I met the mister, he shared this dream of one day having man's best friend join us.  We both agreed that we wanted a medium to large-sized dog and wanted to rescue one.  We half-assed looked for a pup here and there from the first day we bought our house but never jumped on any.  I've always been a firm believer that animals will adopt you and will come into your lives without you even realizing it. 
Amazing that I could ever pick him up!
During the summer of 2007, the mister and I took a road trip to Louisville, Kentucky for a friend's wedding.  While we were on this trip, I was contacted by two of my then-coworkers (now very good friends) that they had found us a dog.  You see, I used to work for an architecture firm that did much historical restoration work.  My coworkers were in Rose, Oklahoma which is basically a ghost town and houses the last standing Cherokee Courthouse which we were working on restoring.  While they were out there taking measurements, this black lab mutt puppy showed up out of nowhere and wouldn't let them be.  They said he kept picking up their pens, chasing them around and just had an all around wonderful demeanor.  He was quite emaciated though and was covered in ticks and fleas so my coworkers took it upon themselves to find the closest vet, drop him off to get checked out while they did their work and do what they could to get him well enough to bring back to town.  Meanwhile, we were still on the road wondering what this dog would be like and if he would be the one for us!

The night that we got back into town, our friend brought over the pup.  We agreed to keep him a night or two to see how things went and to see if we thought it was the right fit.  The vet that saw him estimated him to be about four months old and days from death.  He was absolutely covered with fleas and hundreds of ticks.  He was incredibly skinny and we weren't even sure he'd make it a week with us.  When he would sleep that first week, his breathing was shallow and labored.  He needed to build his blood back up which required us to give him special treats those first few weeks.  It only took us that first night to know that he'd found his home with us.
It took us a while to come up with a name.  We threw so many back and forth but the second that Mondo was mentioned, we knew that was our guy.  Just like his feline sisters, he needed a middle and last name so we went with Luis for his middle name since we were in Louisville when we got the call and Shepley for his last name which is a combination of our last names.  Mondo Luis Shepley, he's a swell guy.
We certainly went through those puppy stages with him (chewed up comforter, anyone?) but all in all, he was a fairly good puppy.  He trained ridiculously fast and does everything but speak and roll over.  He even gives hugs and dances :)  He never batted an eye at the cats and now he and Pimmy are certifiable best friends. 

I can't even begin to express the love I have for this guy.   He makes me feel safe, loved when I feel unlovable and brings a smile to my face when I need it most.  When I was recently beginning labor at home, he was right next to me when I went through more intense contractions.  He knows.  One time at the flea market, an elderly woman collapsed and, I kid you not, he would not leave her side until medics arrived.  When we first brought Rio home from the hospital, he was so concerned when she cried.  Now she is the only person that he gives licks to.  She doesn't seem to mind too much.
He's been with us since he was four months old and he's soon to turn six.  I can't imagine what our lives would have been like thus far without him.  I can't imagine what life will be like when he's not here.  If you've met him, you'll probably never forget him either. 
He's 90 pounds of awesome, a mile of tongue and the whiniest giant you'll ever meet.  He's family.
He's our Mondo; our beast.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloween Evidence

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  I love the creativity in it and get such a kick out of seeing what costumes everyone comes up with!  I also love dressing up myself :)  With Halloween falling on a weekday this year, we didn't do much of anything on the actual day of aside from handing out candy to 6 trick-or-treaters and dressing up those that depend on us for food. 

Exhibit A - A little monkey.  The photo immediately after this one caught her in the act of spitting up.  I figured I'd spare the internet that image ;)  This outfit was short-lived due to that incident.
Exhibit B - Our fuzzy Indian Prince.  It's amazing the things this guy will let me pile on top of him.  Last Halloween and St. Patrick's Day, for example.
The Saturday following Halloween, the mister and I went to our friend's annual costume bash.  My folks were going to keep Rio for her first overnighter which turned into just a three-hour stay due to being 5-weeks old, quite fussy and just not ready for that yet.  It worked out fine though - we got three hours out and had a great time!  

In keeping with tradition, I again threw together a last-minute, found-around-the-house costume.  I was 70's Dolly Parton.  It was no Zoltar but it was fun!  I figured with larger ladies, it would be the perfect costume but once I got suited up, they just weren't big enough so I stuffed three pairs of socks down there!  It was the first time I had EVER stuffed in my life!  A bit lopsided but effective!  Ha!  My hair wasn't quite as full as I would have liked and my make up was so-so (a talented make-up artist, I am not) but I was pleased :)
We're already looking forward to next Halloween with a kid.  Rio will be mobile and hopefully won't be spitting up on her costumes :)
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