Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloween Evidence

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  I love the creativity in it and get such a kick out of seeing what costumes everyone comes up with!  I also love dressing up myself :)  With Halloween falling on a weekday this year, we didn't do much of anything on the actual day of aside from handing out candy to 6 trick-or-treaters and dressing up those that depend on us for food. 

Exhibit A - A little monkey.  The photo immediately after this one caught her in the act of spitting up.  I figured I'd spare the internet that image ;)  This outfit was short-lived due to that incident.
Exhibit B - Our fuzzy Indian Prince.  It's amazing the things this guy will let me pile on top of him.  Last Halloween and St. Patrick's Day, for example.
The Saturday following Halloween, the mister and I went to our friend's annual costume bash.  My folks were going to keep Rio for her first overnighter which turned into just a three-hour stay due to being 5-weeks old, quite fussy and just not ready for that yet.  It worked out fine though - we got three hours out and had a great time!  

In keeping with tradition, I again threw together a last-minute, found-around-the-house costume.  I was 70's Dolly Parton.  It was no Zoltar but it was fun!  I figured with larger ladies, it would be the perfect costume but once I got suited up, they just weren't big enough so I stuffed three pairs of socks down there!  It was the first time I had EVER stuffed in my life!  A bit lopsided but effective!  Ha!  My hair wasn't quite as full as I would have liked and my make up was so-so (a talented make-up artist, I am not) but I was pleased :)
We're already looking forward to next Halloween with a kid.  Rio will be mobile and hopefully won't be spitting up on her costumes :)


  1. Yay! I have been waiting to see that cute monkey girl! I can't believe Mondo sits so still...I am jealous. You all look great!

  2. haha i love how you put the dress on your dog I seriously thought she was standing up at first- that is hilarious! Rio looks a bit confused and you look awesome! Actually you should wear that everyday, socks stuffing optional : )


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