Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tis the Season... be crazy busy!  I feel like I haven't written here in quite some time so I thought I'd give a little update.  Life's been fairly hectic but wonderful.  
For Thanksgiving, we took our first road trip with Rio.  I think I was more nervous than anyone; highways give me the heebies.  We visited Brent's dad and family in Okemah and did our first overnight stay.  We all stuffed ourselves silly, watched football (well, I sat in the same room with lots of football being watched) and passed around the baby.  It was a great and successful little trip away.

The beast and Rio had some good bonding time in the backseat while we traveled ;)

For the rest of the holiday weekend, we spent it hanging around the house and putting up our Christmas decorations.  We've discovered that Rio loves lights, Christmas lights to be exact. 

Sunday evening we attended the Glow on the Green at the new Guthrie Green which was wonderful!  We hope to make it a family tradition.  If you're in Tulsa, it's worth checking out.

Last night we spent the evening at my parents' house helping them put out their Christmas decorations in preparation for an upcoming holiday party.  
It's hard to believe that Christmas is right around the corner.  When I have that thought, I have a mini heart attack because that also means that Alliday is SUPER close.  The show is what's been filling nap times for me and I'm getting pretty stoked about it!  December 15th...I hope to see you there!

On Monday, the little one turned 8 weeks old!  I guess that means she's pretty much two months old now!?  She's pretty fantastic.  She's sleeping 6-9 hours a night straight, has a great disposition and today, she rolled over for the first time!  At my folks' last night, I 'borrowed' the photo album full of childhood photos of me.  I'm dying to start comparing photos of the three of us to find similarities :)

I hope the days are treating you just as well as they have been us!

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  1. Oh, my goodness! She has gotten even more adorable (that last pic is darling)! Love the matching Christmas cap and pants - you are talented!


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