Thursday, December 27, 2012

One of Those Outfits: Blue Christmas

A few weeks back, my parents hosted a big ol' Christmas party at their house to celebrate being done with construction on their backyard lair (this has finally found its new home) so our crew got dudded up to celebrate with them! 

We did have the rug rat in tow but I brought along some frozen milk for the evening so I could have a few drinks and so I could dress in something that wasn't necessarily breastfeeding friendly!  It's amazing how I look at clothes completely differently now because of that.  
I didn't want to (or have time to) go out and buy anything so I sifted through my closet and put this together.  For some reason, I love the color blue during the Christmas season.  Our tree and house is blue themed with lights and I always tend to gravitate towards blue and green with holiday decorations.  I think of sparkling snow at night, a Christmas vision we don't see often in Oklahoma!  Anywho...I wore blue for the holiday party ;)  I bought this dress for $1 at an estate sale, the coat at Goodwill a few years back for a few dollars, the belt at another estate sale, the necklace at the Flea Market for a coin and the boots were gifted.  It was perfect for a post pregnancy fancy outfit and made me feel good :)

I even found time that day to curl my hair and make a rat's nest on top of my head!  ;)

We wanted to have a family photo shot together at the party but that little lady was quite popular so it was hard to get the three of us together without (a little) someone eating, sleeping or crying.  I did manage to snap a shot of the mister and Rio looking mighty cute before we left the house though!  Precious, am I right?  It was her first time to wear one of those fluffy dresses.  ;)

We had a great time getting to see family and friends that we don't see very often and I know that they loved meeting Rio.  It's funny, now when we arrive somewhere, she's the first one mentioned/noticed/greeted.  I get it though, she's pretty special and we're old news ;)

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