Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy Flu Year!

Remember when I said that I've learned that you can plan as much as you want but sometimes things don't go according to plan?  Well, that was my New Year's Eve!  

The mister and I had planned to leave Rio with my parents for the night and we were going to go out and do something, anything!  Well, New Year's Eve day started off with dropping the kid off at my folks and then spending some quality time at Urgent Care as Brent had come down with the flu.  Awesome.  The place was absolutely packed and slow moving (and everyone was wearing masks) so after staying there for quite some time, we decided to head on out and get him back in bed. 

With him in sick bay, I packed up myself, the mutt and the kid and headed to my parents' house for the next 48 hours so we wouldn't come down with the crud.  I went back a few times to check on him, grab things and tend to our ailing cat but other than that, we were outta there.  

Since our New Year's plans were thrown out the window, I just planned on hanging at my folks and having some quality time with the hot tub.  No big deal.  But my dad had other plans.  He talked me into attending what he referred to as a 'Sock Hop'.  You may recall that my dad is a dancer.  Er, he REALLY likes to dance, especially West Coast Swing which I have learned some of over the years as his occasional partner.  This event was more of traditional swing dancing and was pretty fun! 

They had a live band (The Zuits) and lots of impressive dancing to watch.  I did dance a little and at one point, was the partner of one of those show-stopper dancers which was pretty dizzy-ing ;) 

Being that the event was held in a church gym, there was nothing more than water to drink and honestly, being without baby on New Years, well, I wanted to have a drink!  

(that would be my dad below pointing at me :)

We headed to Brookside and stopped at a random bar to have a drink until the Party Bus made a stop.  Amateurs ;)  We then made our way home where ol' pops fell asleep early on the couch, Rio woke up and my mom and I toasted the New Year with some champagne and countdowning. 

It wasn't the New Year's Eve I had imagined but it was certainly memorable and enjoyable!  It was also Rio's passage to being a three-month old!  Maybe next New Year's Eve we'll get to go out :)

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