Monday, March 11, 2013

It's Just Hair

I cut off over two feet of hair last Wednesday in memory of our Pimmy.

When I was 18 years old I chopped off all of my hair in memory of my sweet Pinkie.  I once read somewhere that it was a Cherokee tradition for some to cut off your hair when in mourning after losing a loved one.  It always stuck with me and I always saw it to be a beautiful tribute.  I may not look Cherokee at all but it's true, I am part.  

A small portion of my hair will be buried next to Pimmy while the rest will be donated to Locks of Love, my fourth time to donate.  I don't need all of this hair so why not pass it along to someone who does want and need it?  I will always encourage people to donate their hair.

Growing up I never did much with my locks.  Most of the time it was mega-long, super-white and I was always told how beautiful it was and that 'people pay money for hair like that.'  I was always discouraged from cutting it, dyeing it or doing anything drastic to it at all but I always longed for hair experimentation.  I can't count how many times growing up I'd say, 'but it's just hair' when I was wanting to change it.  Once on my own, I had super, SUPER short hair, permed hair, red hair (bad decision!), funky hair, a dreadlock here and there and more.  I finally got to experiment.

I feel more 'me' with long hair and I think I always will but there's certainly something refreshing about whacking it all off.  It seems that this is a cycle for me - grow it out for about three years, chop it all off, play with short hair for about a year and grow it back out again.  I've been told multiple times that one of these days that it won't grow back out again.  So what?  It's just hair. 


  1. I understand completely Brianna. I've been donating to locks of love for about 15 years now, a foot every 2-4 years. I only wish I could say I'd ever done it in mourning, a tribute to a loved one.

  2. I meant to say you look beautiful! (before and after)


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