Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Life With Rio: Seven Months

This kid is SEVEN MONTHS OLD tomorrow!  I can't believe how time has flown!  It's been a while since my last Rio update so here ya go :)
Just a few days after I last reported, Rio started sleeping in her crib.  That felt like a big kid moment.  Vera also sleeps in the crib in the mornings.  We're a sharing family.  Some nights Rio will sleep 10 hours in her crib and other nights, she'll wake up in the middle of the night so we just bring her to bed with us where she'll finish up the night.  Regardless, we always bring her to bed in the morning to finish out that last little bit of sleep :)  I usually wake up with a baby in the crook of my arm and two cats on my chest.  Somehow, Brent typically gets most of the space in the bed.  Lucky dog ;)
I feel like we're much more scheduled now than we were before.  We start the bedtime ritual around 8 when before it was just whenever she showed signs of being sleepy.  She'll get in at least one one-hour nap a day, sometimes two.  She wakes up in the morning at a fairly consistent time.  I don't want her to be a slave to a schedule though but I do like that we have a loose schedule in place.  I think it helps all of us.
Speaking of a bedtime ritual, this is how it goes nowadays.  Around 7, she gets her solids.  Yup, she eats food!  More on that in a minute.  Brent feeds her (so she doesn't see me as the only food source) and I usually wipe her down.  Every other night we give her a bath which she enjoys quite a bit.  When Pimmy was alive, she would jump on my back while I bathed her in the tub.  Cue circus music :)  From there, dad takes care of getting her ready for bed while I prepare myself for my portion of the bedtime routine.  Some of her best laughs are heard during this time.  This kid sure loves her dad.  After she's ready for bed, she's brought to me where I nurse her one last time, usually leading her to fall asleep.  Sometimes she requires a little rocking but typically, she falls right asleep.  I quietly walk her down the hall, lay her in her crib, cover her up with a soft blanket and close the door behind me.  Some nights she'll wake up 30 minutes later but that's nothing a warm hand on the chest won't fix.  
In regards to food, I'm still nursing which has gone well up until a few weeks ago.  Don't read any more if you don't want to hear about my boobs!  Long, painful story short, I have an infection on my nipple that is very common in breastfeeding moms but it SUCKS (pun intended ;)  Luckily we have a kick ass pediatrician who is helping us through it.  I'm hoping I'm on the tail end of it.  Fingers tightly crossed.  We're nursing through it, day by day.  We added in solids at the beginning of six months which has been very entertaining!  I've been making her food which I believe is saving us money and makes me feel good knowing exactly what is going into her little body!  Plus it was super easy.  I'm getting ready to make another batch of new foods within the next week and will begin to introduce her to all sorts of new things!  We're only feeding her solids in the evenings but will be adding in a morning solid meal within the next week.  I'm just trying to figure out how to schedule it in!  Will she eat at work with me?  At home?  
Physically, this kid has grown SO much.  As of last week, she's 17 pounds, 10 ounces and is 26.5 inches long.  She is allllll about sucking on her toes and flips her tongue back and forth nonstop, both things I did nonstop when I was a baby.  She freaking LOVES to bounce in her jumpers and often just starts jumping in our arms.  I'm getting some pretty good guns by bouncing her myself!  ;)  She can sit up unassisted and rolls all over the place!  She isn't exactly crawling yet BUT she scoots backwards on her belly everywhere!  I do believe babyproofing the house will need to happen within a few weeks!  She still loves Vera and Vera loves her.  She's very, very gentle with feeling her fur but will grab tight every once in a while.  It never bothers Vera though.  
No teeth yet but there are two white spots just below the surface on her bottom gums.  Some nights I feel like she's experiencing teething pain and I expect to see teeth the next morning but still nothing.  

She's a chatterbox with the most common sound being DA DA DA DA as loud as possible.  She also has this high pitched happy squeal that often makes me jump when she does it.  I wish I could bottle that sound up and save it for rainy days.
This kid goes everywhere with me.  She still joins me at work with my folks and loves seeing them everyday, just as I know they love seeing her everyday.  She's joined me in so many meetings, I have a feeling she'll second a motion any minute.  We spend lots of afternoons and evenings outside where she'll hang out happily for quite some time.  
She's such a good-natured baby.  We're very, very lucky.  Even when she's super sleepy, she's all smiles and giggles.  Her laughs are like gold and it's hilarious the things that she finds funny.  Brent can make her laugh in ways I can only wish for.  It's adorable to watch.  

I have WAY too much fun dressing her although I've said more than once that I think it's easier to dress a cat some days ;)  I typically make our outfits coordinate but mark my words, we'll never wear matching outfits!  I do have my limits :)  She's wearing 6-12 month clothes but she's already outgrowing many of the six month sizes.  It's been fun to pull out outfits that we got at showers that we'd forgotten about.  
Sometimes I think she looks just like me but other times I see nothing but Brent.  One thing's for sure, she's herself.  One perfect, happy, beautiful baby that we love having in our lives.

Monday, April 29, 2013

A Small Town Weekend

I've been to my mister's hometown more times than I could even begin to count.  It's like a second home to me and it's actually where we met.  It's a true blue small town and while Tulsa's not huge, it sure is compared to Okemah!  
This past weekend we took the hour-long trek to stay the weekend with my fantastic father-in-law for a number of reasons.  For one, we hadn't been there since the holiday season!  That's way too long and with a baby that changes weekly, we were way overdue for everyone to see each other again.  For two, it was Okemah's Pioneer Days festival.  This is a BIG deal in town.  It involves a carnival that runs for a few days, a street dance and a parade down Broadway.  Every vehicle with a siren from any nearby town begins the parade, followed by a wide variety of old and new cars, pageant queens and ends with, my favorite, a wide variety of horses. 
The third reason we went down was because it was my mister's high school reunion.  Twenty year high school reunion, that is.  I can't believe I'm married to someone who has been out of high school for twenty years!  I don't think HE can believe it!  Hell, that means I've been out for fifteen years now.  Craziness.  Another town comparison for you - he graduated with about 65 classmates and I graduated with about 850 classmates.  A bit of a difference. 
A few hours after the *epic* parade ended, we journeyed back to that area for dinner and drinks with his classmates that came to the reunion.  It was a laid back good time.  Even Rio seemed to enjoy herself.  Later, the kid and I headed back to the homestead for a late bedtime aka 9 p.m.  Brent headed back out to continue the festivities with his high school chums until the wee hours of the morning.  Good times.
We do lots of FaceTime conversations with family far away but there's nothing like in-person interactions with the little one.  I know they love it and I think it keeps them fresh in her mind so they aren't so foreign a sight when they do meet in person.  Oh, technology.
I've been blessed with some killer in-laws.  I don't know what I did to get so lucky to have them in my life.  
So now we're back in the 'big city' but always missing our small town and those in it.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Progress, Progress, Progress!

I think it's safe to say that you know I like to stay busy. I should probably quit telling you how busy I am and trust that you know I'm endlessly busy but I probably won't :) My latest 'busy' focus as of late is finishing up my many, many pillow covers!

Last weekend, I took advantage of the beautiful weather and nap time to finally photograph some of these guys! Nap time ended before the photo shoot did so I ended up having a mini audience as I finished things up. Yes, those are toddler chairs; yes, I did look ridiculous sitting in them; and yes, my thighs HURT the next day from getting up and down from them! I think my body is telling me I should work out more...also not going to happen ;)

If you're one of the cool kids and are already liking my Facebook page then you've already seen a sampling of these :)  If you were to head over there, you could see even more of these...hint hint ;)  These, along with those in my shop, will be headed to Blue Dome next month.

I've also been working on making new tags and revamping my packaging which is what the kid and I did yesterday afternoon, taking advantage of the beautiful weather again.  I'm quite pleased with how things are looking :)
Next up is to finish up the few shirts that need some hems sewn, getting them photographed, tagged and then finishing up a top secret project with my mister that we're debuting at Blue Dome!  Fun (busy) times! 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Fuzzy Friday: Copy Cat

Last Friday was the one month mark of losing Pimmy.  I think we've been handling it pretty well but there are certainly moments that I just plain miss her terribly and really have a hard time believing that she's not here any longer.  I sometimes wonder if the other animals miss her.  She was SUCH a strong personality in the house, our alpha truly, so I do believe they have to notice a difference.  I think most about Vera though.  I adopted Pimmy to give Vera a sidekick ten years ago.  They became such fast sisters and over the past decade, were found sleeping together daily.  The amount of photos that I have of them together is crazy.  Some of my favorites though are where they are in the same positions.  I've always wanted to gather all of these photos together and post them but never got around to it until now.  So here is a bittersweet gallery of my first two daughters playing copy cat over the years :)

Monday, April 8, 2013

One of Those Outfits: Building a Winner

I've not been putting any pressure on myself to do any outfit photos lately but today, I liked what I pieced together thus I felt like documenting my garb and my process for putting together an outfit. It started with just one piece.

I've been weeding out clothes in my closet(s) like a madwoman lately. Spring cleaning? Maybe. I rushed past this shirt this past weekend and realized I hadn't worn it in almost two years. That sounds like a while but considering I was preggo most of last year, lots of my wardrobe sat untouched for longer than normal. When I went to bed last night, I quickly went over a possible outfit in my head involving this shirt but nothing definitive popped into my noggin. I was determined to wear it though.

After I got the kiddo ready this morning and while she was hanging out in her crib with her feline BFF Vera, I tried the shirt on for the first time in a long time. It fit but I had forgotten how short it was so I knew it wouldn't work with pants. I figured it could work over a dress if I could find the perfect one so on the hunt I went but it also had to be a dress I could nurse in. Story of my life. I took a gander in the skirt section after coming up empty handed in my dress department and was quickly drawn to this color. I bought THREE of these dress/skirt pieces last year when I was just starting to show and, in the year I've had them, they have proven to be ridiculously smart purchases. I shot an arrow and threw an axe in this particular one last year. :)

I tried the dress on with the shirt and loved the combo but felt like it needed a little more shaping so I threw on this belt. Winner! I already knew that my beloved Birkenstocks (that I also lived in while pregnant...and for the past twenty years ;) would work for this ensemble too so I quickly slipped those on as the kid was starting to get a little bored waiting on me. (I suppose I should mention that I did all of this in warp speed since I have the little one with little patience waiting on me.) I had an idea to wear some brown studs in my ears but once I got to earring central, I decided to toss on these earrings that the mister got me for our anny last week. I wet my hair down a little since I had some kickin' bedhead, floofed it around and put on my holy trinity of makeup: black eyeliner, black mascara and chapstick. The kid and I checked the temperature outside and I decided that we both needed a light jacket which proved to be a smart move due to the light drizzle that accompanied most of the day.

There's something about those outfits that just make you feel good; that make you feel like you. To me, this one was colorful, somewhat creative, a perfect mix of old and new, a happy accident and just something that made me enjoy the day that much more. Perhaps it seems superficial to some but to me, the way I adorn myself reflects how I feel about myself and my world at a specific time. Today I felt rejuvenated (thank you sleeping baby!), happy, blessed, creative, accomplished, loved and connected to myself.

Fascinating?  Probably not but that's pretty much how I put together what I'm going to wear.  Start with one piece and build on it.

In other news, I like getting dressed :)

Shirt -  Vintage, Flea Market / Dress - Sports Authority Clearance last year / Belt - oldie from beyond / Shoes - Birkenstock / Earrings - Favoring Brave (Similar) / Jacket - Vintage, Estate Sale

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Honoring Creativity in Ourselves

When I was pregnant, I had lots of people tell me that I wouldn't have time for this or that and I wouldn't be interested in the same things anymore.  I don't think anybody said any of these things to be mean but it really got to me.  I WAS scared to lose myself and comments like those didn't help those fears.  I've always been a very busy person with lots of irons in the fire and I knew that having a child would probably affect my interests and productivity somehow but I wasn't sure exactly how.  

Six months in and I'm happy to report that I haven't lost my drive to create.  If anything it's been rejuvenated and more focused.  I don't have time now to just piddle with a project and not finish it for months but rather, I have to know what I'm going to do before I do it.  I have to maximize each moment.  I'm sure things will change again in the future once she gets more mobile but for now, I'm still feeding the desire to make and do.  And I'm honoring it, the best I can.
So how do I do it?  I manage my time like a nutjob.  My sewing machine wakes Rio up which sucks for everyone so I cut, pin, plan and organize while she sleeps.  The mister and I swap days after work to be on 'baby duty' so one of us can do our loud, non-baby friendly (for now) work.  Sewing and cooking for me, gardening and wood working for him.  I feel very fortunate to have a partner that also honors my desires to create.
I feel like it's incredibly important to continue to do what makes Brent and I happy be it sewing, gardening, playing music, hitting estate sales, hanging out with friends, WHATEVER so that we give Rio complete, happy parents.  She certainly comes first, don't get me wrong, but we are also making efforts to not forget and ignore ourselves.  It's not easy but it's also not hard.  I'd like to think she'll thank us for it in the long run.
Lately, I've had about five different things going on at once in my workspace.  A few weeks ago, Tiny Matchbox Studio gifted me TONS of fabric.  Tons of awesome fabric, that is.  This spawned an insane clean out/organize/purge fabric fest for me.  As I went through every scrap of fabric I had, I would cut out patterns for tankspillows and whatever else I'm getting ready for our Blue Dome booth.  These photos were taken in the midst of that craziness.  Things are looking much better in there now :)

Monday, April 1, 2013

An Epically Perfect Weekend

This past weekend was epically memorable in so many ways.  SO epic (to us) that I felt the need to document it so I can come back and read it in the future :)
First off, it was mine and Brent's 5 year anniversary!  My parents were kind enough to keep Rio overnight which was actually her first night away from home!!  We gave that a whirl when she was right at a month old but ended up picking her up on our way home.  This time it was much more successful for all involved.  As for the mister and I, we were able to stay out past eight (dinner out and drinks on the roof of the Mayo) and were able to blare music at home until we couldn't hold our eyes open any longer.  That was followed by being able to sleep in so really, it was the best anniversary we could have asked for :)
Saturday the mister got to get out and play some golf in the beautiful weather while I hung out with Rio which was perfect for all of us.  She and I took time to nap together which never happens (well, for me it never happens) so that in itself was special :)  That evening she slept like a champ making that day THAT much more awesome. 
Sunday was Easter which, even though we don't traditionally celebrate it, we gathered with both sides of my family at my folks' house and had a tremendously good afternoon.  The weather was perfect, Rio was perfect (and freaking adorable in her sunglasses and bow, courtesy of her dad ;) and it was a joy to spend time with so many family members together. 
So not only was this a fairly big weekend for us all around, but it was also a big weekend for our little lady.  Today she is six months old!  I can't believe it's flown by this quickly.  We've been holding off on solids for her until she turned six months but we decided that yesterday was the day so bananas it was!  A bigger Rio update coming soon :)

It was one of those weekends that felt like it was 6 days long and like it was scripted to be perfect. 
You know the kind I'm talking about.
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