Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Garden Memories

It's that time of year again.  The time of year where daily treks across the yard are made to check the progress of the garden.  
I grew up in vegetable gardens.  No, not like a Cabbage Patch kid ;)  My Granny and Papa were prolific gardeners and my mom also had large veggie gardens growing up.  One of my favorite photos of my sister EVER is one of her trying to pull an onion out of the ground as a toddler.  I snapped many a green bean at my grandparents', dug up many a potato and picked many a tomato off a vine.  With skin as pale as mine now, you'd probably find it hard to believe I was a rather tan child thanks to hours in gardens and pools.  Ahh, childhood.
Brent loves to garden.  I love that he loves to garden.  I love looking out the kitchen window watching him till the ground with the TG&Y tiller that was my mom's when I was a kid.  I love watching him plant with care what will feed us over the summer, making perfectly straight rows and dreaming up new markers each year.  I love watching him take Rio out with him to see how things are growing.  I can't wait until she starts trying to pull up onions on her own, eating dirt and getting sun-kissed, garden skin.  Her memories will also be my memories, calling back to my childhood.
It looks as though broccoli will be ready soon.  I'm ready.

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