Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Lantern Slide Love

Two years ago, I wrote about my obsession with my recently acquired lantern slides.  I talked about how I would love to collect more and how I would love to figure out a way to display them better.  
Well, I did and I did.  
A few months back, the wonderful people who supplied me with my first few slides announced that they were absconding to Norway for amazing creative opportunities.  This meant that they needed to unload some of their possessions.  Of course I quickly jumped and asked if they still had any of the lantern slides and put dibs on a handful.  I later politely begged for a few more handfuls so now I've got a nice selection of amazing artwork :)

I then began dreaming up these three-sided frames, suspended with chain which could hang on a window allowing the slides to be showcased with the sun shining through.  I'm not much of a wood worker but my mister is so we started collaborating on this idea and a star was born!
It was important to me to do nothing more to the slides other than give them a place to rest.  I didn't want to risk devaluing or damaging them.  By making the frame only three-sided, we allowed for the slides to be taken out and cleaned; repurposed down the road; OR changed out for other slides which we've been doing nonstop.  
We finished up our first batch of frames the night before Blue Dome and have recently gathered more materials to make many more.  We decided that with each frame will come two slides so that you have the option of changing your view like we've been doing :)
As of now, I'll only have these at shows but hope to list a few online and perhaps take some to Made in the coming weeks :)  
I can't even express how much I love these!  Collaborating with Brent was awesome and seeing something that was just a dream in my head work out so beautifully in reality just makes me mega happy.

*beautiful roses brought in from the yard by a certain wonderful husband*

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  1. I think these are so fabulous! I meant to snag one at Blue Dome, but I'm glad to hear they'll be making their way to Made and hopefully Woodyfest too so I'll have ample opportunities to grab one that speaks to me.


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