Monday, June 24, 2013

One of Those Outfits: I Made a Pencil Skirt!

What a weekend!  On Saturday night, we attended a beautiful outdoor wedding for a very old friend of mine.  It was so touching watching him get choked up at the sight of his bride and it was an honor to be there for their union.  The most important part of the evening though was what I wore, of course!  ;)
I've been feeling pretty good about myself physically lately so I wanted to wear something that kind of showed that off!  Why not, right?!  Plus, with a youngin' around, it's not that often that I get to vamp it up so I was excited to be fancy for an evening!  

I also wanted to wear something that I had made.  Hmm.  Well, I have made lots of clothes for myself but mostly of the baggier variety!  I decided on Friday night that I needed to make a pencil skirt to wear for Saturday's wedding.  I did some googling about how to measure for one so I made my measurements and made my cuts....only to quickly realize that I didn't have enough of the original fabric to make it all from one print!  So I pulled out a second fabric that I felt complimented the first and went with it!  Once I started stitching things up, I realized that I had made it waaaaaaaaaay too big.  I'm notorious for making handmade clothes for myself too large.  With the help of my mister, I started pinning away and slowly made the skirt smaller and smaller until it finally fit like a glove!  I made it high waisted so I could wear it with one of the crop tops I made a few months ago (I'm in LOVE with these crops!) and put a slit up the back of the skirt so I could dance, which I did...and boy are my leg muscles telling me about it!  Dancing in heals that I haven't worn in a few years should be a weekly workout routine ;)
I felt pretty, *sexy* even, and had a great time out with friends and WITHOUT a baby!  My folks kept Rio for their second overnighter with her and it went well for all involved!  Brent and I were able to hang out late, sleep in and flush the toilet past eight o-clock!  Ha!  
It was also fun to see the wedding party wearing jewelry that I had made!  It's always an absolute honor to have a creative hand in someone's wedding, especially if that someone is a close friend!  
And look at that, I got the man to pose for a picture too!  When I go vintage clothes hunting, there's not much that I can buy for him besides pearl snap western shirts and cool ties.  He has quite the collection of both now ;) He wore a deco skinny tie I picked up a while back and a righteously kick ass silver and turquoise belt buckle we scored from an antique jewelry dealer friend of ours.  He looked mighty spiffy :)

Skirt - Self Made / Crop Top - Self Made (more) / Bracelet - Antique Gift from my Dad found in the Czech Republic / Earrings - Flea Market / Shoes - From the great beyond

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