Monday, June 3, 2013

We'll Be OK.

Life with a baby is full of firsts.  Things we've done a million times at some point become a first for Rio.  This past weekend, Rio had her first cabin experience.
We have some family who have taken the summer off to travel alllllll over the US and decided to make a stop here to visit.  My mom took this as an opportunity to throw together a quick family reunion for the side of my family that doesn't get together all that often.  We had a great time and Rio put on quite the cute show for everyone.  Mondo got more human food that I think he's ever had before and got to run his heart out in the meadow.  The cabin escapes are good for us all.
I'm feeling pretty thankful for our life in Oklahoma lately.  None of our family or friends in any part of the state were affected by these countless tornadoes that have been ripping through in the past few weeks.  I DO NOT fare well with spring weather in Oklahoma but the longer I'm here, the more I just learn to buckle down, be prepared and know that it will pass.  Seeing the destruction we've seen lately is just so emotionally draining but what's been so uplifting are the unbelievable stories of survival and support that keep surfacing.  One thing's for sure, Oklahomans are strong, resilient people who are there for each other in times of need.  It's times like these that I'm the proudest to be an Oklahoman.  
The amazingly beautiful days we enjoyed this weekend were just a grand reminder to me that storms pass, literally and figuratively, and sunny skies are just a day away.  As cheesy as that sounds, it's true.

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