Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Life with Rio: Nine Months

Our little rug rat turned nine months old yesterday.  WHAT?!  It seems like we were just counting down the days until she could hold her head up on her own and now she is alllllllllllll over the place.  One thing I've noticed with parenthood is how time goes SO much faster now.  
Our once perfect sleeper is a less than perfect sleeper now.  At least one night a week though, we'll all get one stellar night of sleep so for that, I am grateful.  She goes down so much easier than she used to and sometimes will sleep until we wake her up in the morning but more often than not, she wakes up in the middle of the night and we just bring her to bed.  Didn't think we'd be co-sleepers but we are and I'm ok with that.  She won't be sleeping with us when she's 18 so why not let her do it now while she still likes us ;)  

She's become a pretty good napper though!  Most of the time she'll nap for 2 hours, sometimes more!  (As I write this, she's been down for an hour and a half.)  She typically only takes one nap a day, right at noon, which allows me to get some work done fairly regularly.  
We did rearrange her room this weekend.  I loved, LOVED the set up before but her crib was sharing a wall with the only bathroom in the house so I thought perhaps moving it to another wall (it's where the changing table once was now) would allow her to sleep more soundly.  We're only a few days in with this change so I'll let you know if it helped!  I'm also a rearranging junkie so it was bound to happen at some point :)
We're still doing solids twice a day which she loves.  She's eating more finger foods in addition to the purees that I batch cook and freeze for her.  We've been letting her gnaw on whole dill pickles recently to help with the teething process.  She freaking loves her pickles!  She is not my daughter in that regard.  Yuck!  We're getting ready to add in a third solid meal around lunchtime but just have to figure out the logistics of it at work!

I am still exclusively breastfeeding and yes, I do still have that damn infection.  We've decided to begin a slow wean so I can soon get on antibiotics but first we have to get this kid to take a bottle or sippy cup first!  I'm SO proud that we've made it 9 months and who knows, maybe we'll make it a full year if she has anything to say about it!  I'm not looking forward to formula or bottles though but am looking forward to kicking this infection in the rear!
Mobility is this girl's jam.  She crawls mega-fast and as of last week LOVES to be 'chased' while she squeals her heart out and tries to crawl faster than her body will let her.  It's hilarious.  She has been pulling up and standing for at least a month now and walks along furniture with ease.  I wouldn't be surprised if walking is sooner than we think.  God help us all.  

In addition to her new found mobility, she dances.  SHE DANCES.  LOTS.  It is by far my favorite thing that she does.  She loves a good beat, just like her mom and dad!  She also claps tons and this past week has started pointing at things.  It seems every day she grows and changes in ways I never expected.  It's a joy to witness.
This summer we've spent lots of time in the little backyard pool and Big Splash.  She loves them both.  In fact, she loves water in general.  We got rid of the seat in the bathtub because she wants to explore the water so much!  With a name like Rio, it's only natural she'd be a water baby!

We also bought a bike trailer and an itty-bitty bike helmet for her.  It's the cutest thing ever.  Fact.  
She now how two tall teeth and yes, I have been bitten once.  Yes, there.  And yes, it took all of my might not to scream bloody murder.  Weaning sounded like the best idea ever at that moment.  Our dentist gave us a tiny toothbrush to start getting her used to brushing.  One of these days I'll start remembering to do that with consistency!  There is the faintest hint of a third tooth coming through too.  At this rate, she'll need dentures for her top teeth ;)
She loves, Loves, LOVES the cats.  When one walks in the room, she squeals with delight.  They are both SO good with her, Vera especially.  It's amazing what that cat has endured so far.  As much as I miss Pimmy with all of my heart, I know that if she were around at this point with Miss Grabby Hands, there would be lots of bites, scratches and crying fests.  Mondo is good with her too but when she grabs him, he politely excuses himself and keeps his distance.  If she's not grabby though, he's not far away from her.  He's a good big brother.  When I go for a walk with both of them, he walks right next to the stroller which I was certain he wouldn't do.  She doesn't pay near as much attention to him as she does the cats.  Probably because they are constantly in her business and he minds his own.  I love that she is growing up with such a fluffy household.

Every night Brent tells her 'bye bye' as he hands her off to me for bed.  She mimics his mouth over and over again which makes me think a 'b' word may not be far off.  Hopefully it's a PG 'b' word ;)  I'm excited to watch her language skills develop.
This is one happy and personable kid.  She has some major mommy attachment stuff going on right now but even with that, she's full of smiles for everyone she meets.  Her laughs are like gold which makes us mighty rich right now.  Nine months in the blink of an eye.


  1. loved that she is sooo cute.

  2. She is absolutely adorable. You are so right about the time going by faster. I'm a little over a month away from the big first birthday. That helmet is so awesome by the way!


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