Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Woody Already!?

A bit of radio silence on my end, my apologies!  Last week after I posted my latest Rio update, I realized that Woody Fest was coming up THIS WEEKEND!  I don't know why but it came out of nowhere for me this year so for the holiday weekend when we weren't corralling a kid and spending time together, I was knee deep in preparing for the show!  If you've been reading here for any length of time then you'll know that Woody Fest is a special event for me for so many reasons.  

I am THRILLED this year to be sharing a booth with Hollyrocks and Blue Marble Market.  Not only do these ladies make fantastic stuff, I just enjoy them both immensely :)  As always, I encourage every single one of you to come out and spend an evening with us!  No complaints about the heat though...as you may recall, I was pret-ty preggo for last year's festival so no one is allowed to say a word about the temperatures!  ;) 

And yes, the little Rio will be there with me the first time.  What a crazy circle.  To have met my mister there and to now be bringing OUR child there seven years later.  Total awesomeness.
To close, I give you my latest project - reversible summer tops made from those vintage bed sheets I so love.  Perfect for embracing your inner hippie!  See more details of them here.

Hope to see you!

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