Monday, August 12, 2013

One of Those Outfits: Monster Pants!

Last year, I was petrified of sewing patterns.  They made no sense to me and I only used them for their imagery and never really foresaw myself using them to sew yet I would still grab them at estate sales.  Nowadays, I look at them with different eyes.  I look at them as things that I CAN make!
So, these pants.  Yes, they are pants.  I came across an early 90s pattern for these oversized pants that I knew I HAD to make.  Obviously they require a lot of fabric so I pulled out some fabric that I had a plethora of - this bright business that I snagged at the flea market a while back.  Dig it.  I cut out all of the pieces, did some pinning, sewed it all together and stood back to admire my work...but they didn't even resemble a pair of pants.  They were a sight.  I was slightly frustrated.  My reaction was a sight.
So I unpicked the whole damn thing which took forever and got thread everywhere and started over completely, ignoring the 'simple' directions and just sewing where made sense.  Attempt two went over SO much better than the first go around.  Oh, and there are pockets.  Huge, deep, beautiful pockets!  I'm thrilled to now know how to install those!  :)
When I was done with them, I quickly fell in love with them.  Like major love.  Hours after finishing this pair and minutes after a certain someone went to bed, I made a second pair from some more subdued fabric that I also have a crap load of.  Obsessed.
I suppose something else that is somewhat notable about this post are the pictures.  No, they're not groundbreaking but they are a hair different than what I normally post.  You see, I wore this outfit to the baby shower I mentioned in my previous post while the mister was out of town at a golf tournament.  When I got home, I had a sleeping baby, good light outside but nobody to take my photos so I set up the tripod and did some self timer shots!  Now, normally I do these in the middle of the yard but without someone with me, I got a little embarrassed that the neighbors would see me (Hi Megan! ;) even though I know they wouldn't judge but I went ahead and set up shop on the side of the house...and although it was strange taking photos alone, I love the way they turned out!

Pants - Self Made / Tank - Target Clearance 8 years ago / Earrings - South African Gift from my Dad / Shoes - Target Clearance a few years ago

Side Note:  Haircut happening tomorrow.  Finally.


  1. These are awesome! You wear them well, my friend. And the photo of you demonstrating the pockets made me smile. :-)

  2. Love these! You do such a great job!


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