Monday, August 12, 2013

The Mabel Quilt

A few weeks back I completed my fourth quilt.  My fourth!  I hadn't shared it yet because it was a gift for a dear friend of mine and didn't want to spoil the surprise in case she happened to look here :)  She's due with a little girl right around Rio's first birthday (!!) so when I first found out, my brain immediately started thinking of all of the little girl things I could make for her.  I definitely wanted to spend some time making a special quilt for her first though.

Before I make things, I often spend lots of time just staring at fabric.  I pulled out these two and decided to try my hand at a chevron quilt which looked to be pretty simple.  It was.  The colors of the fabrics just screamed my friend's name so I knew they were the ones. 

When I pulled out the fabrics to start cutting, I was surprised to find that the gold fabric was actually THE BACK of a multicolored floral design!  I guess when I folded it to store it, I folded it gold side out and never thought twice about it.  Meant to be, I guess. 

Construction-wise, I believe this is my best work.  I took extra time to focus on my bias tape and mitering my corners (easier than I thought!) which seemed to pay off.  I also tried to use my quilting stitching for more than just functionality, I wanted it to also play into the design.  It's only about 3' x 3' which I think is perfect for a tiny baby blanket and is right about the same size as Rio's quilt

I'm so happy with it and couldn't wait to pass it along to my friend and her bump!  I'm quite enjoying making these little quilts for my friends and their little ones :)  My brain is already dreaming up the next just to find the time.

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