Thursday, September 19, 2013

Life with Rio: *Almost* One Year

In twelve days, this kid will be one year old.  Unreal. 

Finally, after teasing us early on, this kid sleeps.  Like sleep sleeps.  For the past month or longer, she typically goes down about eight at night and sleeps close to twelve hours straight in her crib.  Now, there are some nights (maybe once a week.  maybe.) where she'll wake up and not be able to put herself back to sleep which ends up with her between us in our bed but more often than not, she's that champion sleeper I once boasted about.  It's awesome.  Also, white noise machines could be the greatest invention ever.  

She's still pretty much a one-nap-a-day kid but it's usually a solid 2-3 hour nap.  There have been times when she'll squeeze in a quick power nap in the late afternoon but typically she goes down around 12 (without nursing!) and sleeps her little heart out during that one nap.
Speaking of nursing, we're still going at it!  I somehow kicked that infection's ass (take that!) and it looks like we're going to hit our goal of 1 year nursing and no formula at all!  Last month we did some weaning to prepare for me to go back to teaching and while I was nervous about how the transition would be for her and me, it's been smooth as buttah.  We now only nurse three times a day - around 7 or 8 in the morning, around 2 or 3 in the afternoon and for bedtime around 8.  That's that.  After her birthday, I'd ideally like to really push to completely wean within a month or two.  

So now, naturally, she eats more 'grown up food' than ever before.  We still do the same breakfast routine of oatmeal with fruit followed by sharing a banana with me.  For lunch which is right before her big nap, we give her a pouch of pureed food.  The reason for this is that she is usually at the shop for lunch and honestly, it's the least messy thing we could feed her which is perfect for this time and place!  For dinner, she feeds herself (lots!) and has for a few months now.  We always start with cottage cheese which I believe may be her favorite food.  We buy the stuff in bulk now since all three of us eat it like mad.  Then she'll eat some vegetable, often with some sort of carby goodness.  We finish off the meal with a little fruit and then a big bath since she's usually covered in food by the time she's done.  Before we hit this stage of feeding, Mondo was never really allowed people food but now, that rule has gone out the window and he gets whatever drops on the floor.  It's safe to say that cottage cheese could be his favorite as well.
Developmentally, this kid is changing daily.  She started taking steps about a month ago but seems to find comfort in continuing to hang on to things while she walks.  Every once in a while though, she'll surprise us by walking from this to that with no support.  In fact, as I typed that sentence she took a few steps from a chair to her toy, unassisted.  When she's not taking steps here and there, she is a crawling machine and often does so without her knees touching the floor.  It's a sight.  And she's fast at it.  I'm still amazed at how quickly she can move in that position.  

Dancing.  Her favorite.  Sometimes we'll try and put a cartoon on TV and she won't even look twice but put music on TV and she's enthralled.  She's been dancing for months now and it could be my favorite thing that she does.  She has all sorts of style of dance and will stop what she's doing to bust a move.  So much awesome.  A close fave of mine is the wave.  It started when we would say 'bye-bye' but now she does it without a prompt and it's. the. cutest.  She waved at Vera the other morning and I about died.  Waving, who knew it could be so adorable.
Her six teeth haven't seemed to impede her new found vocabulary.  That's right, we've got words, ladies and gents.  I'm not sure how articulate a word has to be to be considered a first word but I'm going to go ahead and declare her first word as 'kitty'.  It sounds like 'itty' but she DEFINITELY uses it to refer to the cats often.  If she hears a cat in the other room, 'itty'.  If a cat comes within her vision, 'itty'.  We have also been working with 'doggy' but it hasn't caught on quite as fast as 'kitty' although there is a mumble that sounds like it.  She has called Mondo 'kitty' a few times though :)  It's cool, her mom calls all birds 'chickens' so she's on the same path ;)  She also knows 'dada' and will call Brent that.  That's pretty stinking endearing.  No 'mama' yet but that's ok...'kitty' and 'dada' are more important!  So she may be limited on what she can say but she certainly knows lots of words.  She knows 'book', 'bird', and 'nose'.  Genius?  Maybe.
So a few extra tidbits.  She's discovered the piano and plays it at least once a day.  She's at the perfect height to reach the keys and will tickle the ivories for about five minutes all the while looking back at us with a huge grin on her face.  She's obsessed with flat objects.  She has a fake, plastic letter that she carries around everywhere and also has these flat wooden shapes that I bought at an estate sale that she loves.  She loves to have more than one of any flat object in her hand at a time and will rub them together or slide them across the floor.  That will keep her busy for quite some time.  She is also a fan of books although she's rather chew on them than read them.  I'm hoping the book eating phase passes sooner than later.  That being said, she has a few cloth books that she loves and doesn't eat!
She battled her first real illness last week.  She had a little virus that presented itself in a low-grade fever, a slight rash, fussiness, extra naps and the desire to just be held all of the time.  It was sad to not have our happy little girl for those few days but she is certainly back to her bubbly, entertaining self. Even through it all though, she was still a dream baby...if we can still consider her a baby, that is!

She's definitely more vocal with her opinions as in if she wants something, she lets you know and if she doesn't want something, she lets you know even louder.  She's also entered the stage where she likes to drop things.  Over and over again.  And she thinks it's hilarious.  It is when you watch her crack up at us picking things up for her :)  She's figured out how to put any sort of fabric over her head to play peek a boo which is another 'game' that leaves her in stitches.  I often give her my scarves to play with.  She seems to like the different fabrics and colors and I like that it keeps her busy for five minutes :)
A friend of mine with a teenage daughter once told me that every age her daughter has ever been has been her favorite age.  I love that.  While it's crazy and bittersweet that our baby is growing up so quickly, I make a point not to be sad about that but to embrace whatever the next stage may be and to love every bit of it.

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  1. Okay, she is too cute! I cannot believe she is talking!!! I love it! P.S. - I am so sad I will be missing her birthday bash! You better post lots of pics. :)


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