Thursday, September 12, 2013

Our Gentlemen of the Road Adventure

A few months ago, we made an impromptu decision and bought Gentlemen of the Road tickets for their Guthrie stop.  They weren't cheap and it was months in the future but we figured that the kid would be older and a big weekend like that would be more feasible at that time.  
We weren't sure then if we'd be bringing the kid with us or not but just in case we did, we decided to book a room instead of camp.  All rooms in Guthrie were booked the day tickets went on sale so we grabbed one just 15 minutes down the highway in Edmond.  A hotel = best decision ever.  We did end up bringing the kid and it ended up being about 100 degrees all weekend so the small drive was worth an air-conditioned room, showers and continental breakfast.  The first night we also had two of my best girlfriends stay with us on the floor which was tons of fun and reminded me of the good ol' days :)  Poor Brent was the lone man but he survived!
Night one, we saw a band whose name alludes me at the moment followed by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.  We saw them once before at Cains but this show blew that one out of the water.  We had packed in a blanket and set up a little pallet for our family of three to enjoy the tunes.  Rio danced with her little headphones on and later fell asleep on my back as we trekked back to the car.  It was a great memory.
On Saturday we farted around town, popping into the local shops here and there for some cool down and made it in time to see our friend's band, Welcome Little Stranger, make their stage debut.  It was hauntingly awesome.  If you ever make your way into Guthrie, make sure to squeeze in a visit to Prairie Gothic and Hancock Creative.  They are next door to each other, making it that much easier :)  
If you're lucky like we were, you'll also get to witness an old school gun battle in the street!  
It was really impressive the way the town transformed to accommodate more than triple their population.  Each day we were able to park riiiiiiight by downtown, the first night free even!
After quite a few hours meandering through downtown, we decided to take a reprieve in the car for a while so Rio could squeeze in a quality nap before the evening festivities.  I worked on some needlepoint, Brent watched some Simpons and the kid got in some much needed snoozing.  
Saturday night's big stage featured many acts but the two we caught were Alabama Shakes and Mumford and Sons.  The place was PACKED.  More than double the amount of people than the night before.  Not going to lie, there was a moment that I got really overwhelmed inside due to the amount of people.  BUT everyone was really chill and positive which says tons about who this festival spoke to :)   And yes, Rio kept those headphones on the whole time.

It was amazing to me how many people were there that we knew!  Many we didn't see but there were also SO many that we did run into and several that we got to hang out with!  It made the experience that much sweeter.  
I will say, bringing a baby to something like this got us a lot of attention.  I guess it's like a single guy taking a puppy to a park ;)  There were actually lots of babies around but none quite as cute as our happy, dancing, ear-phone-wearing Rio.  Despite the heat and wonky sleep, she was a Rockstar with a capital R.  I'm so glad we did decide to bring her along.  It wouldn't have been the same without her.
It was no surprise that Mumford and Sons was fantastic live.  They seemed very grateful to be there and enjoyed performing.  We did leave a few songs before they were done due to a passed out baby and me wanting to avoid leaving at the same time as 30,000 other people.  Sucked to have not seen every tune but glad we made our exit when we did.
Had we not had a kid in tow, we probably would have taken advantage of the non-stop street parties or the DJ that took the main stage after M&S ended.  It was truly a memorable weekend with some of my favorite people, my much-loved family and one of my favorite Oklahoma towns mixed in with some great music.  We won't be forgetting this experience anytime soon.

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