Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Emerson Quilt

Something I've learned about myself over the years is that when I'm busy, I find ways to make myself even more busy all the while attempting to not be busy.  Huh?  For example, the past two weeks I've been inundated with teaching (preparing for and grading for) two classes;  creating, editing and distributing our state's OKTESOL newsletter; working with the folks; running around with an-almost-one-year-old; planning a gigantic one-year birthday party; counting down the days until Alliday apps are due; and general living (eating, showering, sleeping...) so of course I decide that I need just a *little* more to do like paint rooms in the house, completely rearrange every piece of art on our walls, make the birthday girl a dress for her party and, oh, make a quilt within a week for some friends.  Yeah, long story short (after you've already read the long story), I started and finished a quilt last week for a baby that was due last week but who has yet to make his appearance.  Shew, my brain hurts just writing all of that! ;)

So, here's what I had to work with - navy blue, baby blue, white and tree brown.  I knew that the mom's favorite color is green so my accent fabric seemed perfect!  I believe that accent fabric is the only vintage fabric in this one, actually.  The striped brown and white fabric was what I used to make my ridiculously large maternity dress last year.  When I start to build any sort of work with multiple fabrics, I pull out more fabrics than I'll ever end up using and I usually only use 5% of the options I pull out but it's all part of the process for me.  I've been wanting to do some sort of random placement, line quilt for a while now so this was my opportunity!

It was SO easy.  I just cut strips 3 inches wide but at different lengths and then laid them all out until I was happy with the placements.  I guess that means it wasn't really all that random though ;)  I had a few strips left over once I did the main eight rows so I decided to add that perpendicular line out which I love!  The blue filler fabric was hand-me-down fabric that was just perfect and that I had tons of so I knew I'd be able to use it on the back as well.

In regards to quilting, I just stitched in the ditch along each of the strips and then did the four lines in the blue fabric and called it done!  I learned my lesson with my last quilt after unpicking alllllllll of my quilting that less is more! :)
I bought my binding again this time around.  SUCH a time saver.  I actually picked some up at an estate sale that was the perfect length but it was a single-fold bias so it wasn't quite wide enough to hide my edge stitching so to the store I went to buy double-fold tape.  
The mister has declared this his favorite quilt of mine so far.  I've only made six so there aren't that many to choose from yet but I sure appreciate his encouragement, support and enthusiasm :)  Baby Emerson was due last Tuesday and if he doesn't show up by this Tuesday, he'll be served his eviction notice...on my birthday!  We're quite excited to meet this little guy, as I know his parents are as well!

Next quilt's due date = 3 weeks.  I've got this.

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