Tuesday, October 29, 2013

One of Those Outfits: Something (Big) for Myself

Yesterday at school, the teachers were talking about putting together a group costume for the campus costume contest on Thursday. It was decided that each would go as a color and I threw in that there should be a box that is held in front so we could be a box of crayons. Now, I won't be a part of the costume because I don't teach on Thursdays but I am all about figuring out costume ideas, mine or someone else's. During this conversation, before it was realized that I wouldn't be a part of the festivities, it was said more than once that I should be the purple crayon as I was wearing what you see here. What strikes me is that I own VERY little purple but my last outfit here was very purple as is this one so apparently, my destiny is to be a purple crayon. 

How's that for an introduction to an outfit?
This past weekend I decided to make something for myself. I say it over and over again but I'm a busy gal. When I'm making stuff, it's usually for shows, the kid, the shop or gifts. Every once in a while, I'll squeeze in something for myself and it just feels good. So Saturday it was all about me. 
I picked up this pattern at Owl & Drum last month or so with the intention of making it for me! I rarely buy new fabric but when I do, O&D is where I go. It's a fun place to spend some time when I have it :) As far as the pattern goes, it was simple, like it says on the packaging, but it left out some directions that I would have appreciated having on hand. For starters, it didn't give measurements on its sizes so I didn't know if a medium would fit well or be too small. I figured it would be smartest to make it bigger and if I needed to, I could size it down after the fact. Well, I made it as a large and, as you can see, it's biiiiiiig. I will be sizing it down one of these days but it works for now. I made it longer than it called for because I wanted to be able to wear it as a dress and since I only had so much of the striped fabric, I added the solid at the bottom which also made it a little longer. 
My second issue was that there is no mention to NOT cut out the shape of the neckpiece on the back of the tunic. I know, common sense should have kicked in but I was in go-mode and just followed the pattern resulting in me having to somehow reattach the previously cut out neckpiece on the back. I think I fixed it well enough to where it looks like it was on purpose but man, was that not fun to have to deal with! 
The way the collar was made was really ingenious for me. It was confusing as sin at first but once I figured it out, angels sang and my wheels started turning. I have a few necks on shirts that I made years ago that I think I will go back and fix with this process...one of these days.
I DO think I will make myself another one but will do it in a small or medium with the length of an x-large. Even though it does have its issues, I am quite pleased with it and do see it getting lots of wear once I size it down a bit.

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