Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Sitting Room Facelift

When we set a date for Rio's birthday party, I started looking around the house at projects I wanted to tackle.  One of my favorite things about hosting a party is that it kicks my butt into gear to work on the house!  Win, win!  One of the biggest items on the list was our sitting room.

This room tends to be our catch-all.  Laundry is done here, baby is unloaded from her carseat here, random things on their way to the garage hang out here for a bit; it's a room that we've somewhat ignored for the past six years.  It has never functioned as a formal dining room for us, despite what it was originally designed for.  You can see bits of it before here, here and here.

We decided that we wanted to paint above the chair rail, install base shoe and hang (find) curtains.  We arranged a day with my mom that we could drop Rio off with her for the day so we could tackle it all in one day.  When we moved in, we painted the room a deep, deep orange.  I love the color and, since I'm a monochromatic decorator, matched the decor to that color.  Brent was all about changing the color completely but I didn't want to worry about completely redecorating the room so we compromised to leave the orange on the bottom and painted the top of the chair rail the same color as the living room.  It TOTALLY makes both spaces seem bigger and more connected, plus I still have bits of the orange that I loved! 
Our house came filled with carpet so when we moved in, we ripped it all up to find the hardwoods we have now.  We never installed base shoe and are now doing it room by room.  Rio's room is the only other room we've done so far.  Hallway is up next!  It's amazing what a difference that makes.  While I taped off the room and started priming, Brent quickly installed the base shoe!  Done and done!
All of the original furniture went back in the room - my great granny's record player, my Mimi's sitting chairs and our pre-fab record storage shelf.  The guitars went back in and within weeks, a whole mess of plants will find their home in here, too.  We really worked to simplify things and clean it up...I couldn't be happier with it.  The elephant table from Rio's room ended up housing my antique lava lamp I've had since I was a kid ended up in here as well as my globe and couch springs from childhood (that's another story). 

Also in my fury of preparing for the party, I rearranged SO much of what was on our walls in the house.  It's amazing how much THAT can change things.  That being said, the large swan picture was moved out as well as a vintage beer sign and a 'restrooms out back' sign.  Classin' it up around here ;)
My printer press drawer filled with random odds and ends, my turtle and horse collections (one day I'll talk about those in more detail), my vintage, heavier-than-sin, handmedown mirror, our "Good People Drink Good Beer" poster and our engagement photo stayed in the room.  The large walking stick took the swan's place but I still go back and forth about having that there.  For now though, it works :) 
We never had curtains in here before but once we painted things, I felt like we needed some curtains to connect the two colors.  I looked for curtains alllll over the place and ended up getting a pair for $22 at Lowes.  Does the job perfectly and keeps the room cooler during the day!  
The room still serves as our laundry room, music room and car seat loading zone but now it feels so much more put together and cohesive.  Thrilled we decided to give it a much-needed facelift.  Looking forward to decorating it for the holidays!

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  1. And now the gate which will keep little Miss Snicklefritz out of the Christmas tree!


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