Friday, November 1, 2013

Rio as Maggie Simpson

Two days before Halloween I was slightly panicked because I had no idea what Rio was going to dress up as.  Last year she was only a few weeks old, wore her monkey outfit for about five minutes and promptly puked all over it.  Brent suggested that we just buy her a costume and not worry about it but if you know me and Halloween then you know that is NOT an option!  So in an exhausted effort to figure out a costume we could pull off, I started to think about famous babies.  My first thought was Pebbles Flintstone but after a quick google look, it just wasn't right for Rio.  That's when Brent suggested Maggie Simpson.  THAT was doable!  And easy!
So the night before Halloween, I pulled out one of my older blue gap t-shirts to sacrifice, some darker blue felt for the bow, her only headband, some yellow burlap-like fabric for the hair and the first baby item I ever bought to use for sizing.  Using that sweatshirt as a sizing template, I just cut around the edges of that but left the original bottom so it would be long like Maggie's gown.  I didn't finish the sleeve ends or the rough bottom because I figured after Halloween night, I would fancy it up just a bit more so it can be something she can wear for a while.  For the purpose of the costume, it just needed to be a long, blue nightgown :)  
My original thought for the hair was something that could wrap around that headband so it would be easy to get on and off of her.  Well, I tried and tried to pull those flowers off but they weren't budging so I knew they would have to stay.  I just cut out some triangle shapes out of the yellow fabric, snowflake style and sewed them up!  I stuffed each point with some fluffed out quilt batting and sewed along the bottom of each triangle.  I used some yellow bias tape to actually make it a headband.  Let me explain.  I decided that I wanted to be able to use the headband as is again and I wanted to make the hair usable for anyone who wants to borrow this costume in the future, baby or adult!  Basically, I made it so it just ties on your head!  You can see how it fits my head (without the headband) below.  For Rio though, I just wrapped the excess bias tape around the headband, smashing the flowers, so we could just slip it on her instead of having to tie it.  Make sense?  I cut a little blue bow and actually sewed it onto the hair at work yesterday!
The red pacifier?  Well, Brent had the great idea of just covering it in red electrical tape which he already had on hand.  None of the tape is on the side of the pacifier touching her skin.  I grabbed a pacifier that we were getting ready to throw out anyway and just covered it like mad.  I think the paci really sells the look ;)  Done and done!

Truth be told, she wasn't much into the upper portion of her costume.  It was nearing bedtime, the witching hour, and her patience was running thin.  We were able to get a few shots of her at my folks' but the majority of those photos are of her trying to pull off her hair!  
All in all though, I'd say it was a successful costume and a successful Halloween.  We DID go to the house with the 22' tall tornado out was insane.  I've heard of people going to other neighborhoods to trick or treat before but have never done it myself.  That neighborhood was FILLED with parked cars and literally hundreds of people walking around.  It was awesome but also a little overwhelming all at the same time!  It totally reminded me of what you see in the movies.  Maybe someday when she's a little older, we'll do that again and hang out a bit longer (and keep our full costumes on!).  

I am still working on the two adult costumes for Saturday....I'm very excited to share those as well!


  1. We love it! Simpson's is a favorite of ours. How clever you are!

  2. wait is Rio walking already!? anyway, Maggie Simpson is absolutely the perfect costume for her! and ah, glad she's older and didnt instantly puke over this one!


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