Sunday, November 3, 2013

Split Personalities Costume(s)

Over the past year or so, I re-watched every single episode of Wings.  I know, I'm pretty cool.  Right at the beginning of October, while I watching the final season, a Halloween episode aired.  During this particular episode, Brian Hackett was a half man/half woman.  I notoriously choose my Halloween outfits last minute (1, 2, 3) but this year was a hair different! I decided to do something along those lines.  Perhaps different decades or something like that.  That's about all I knew at that point.  

Fast forward to the week of Halloween.  I realized that my parents would be gone which meant we had no babysitter for the night of our friends' annual party.  Well, Brent isn't much of a costume type of a guy so we worked things out to where I would go to the party and he would stay home with Rio.  Score!  I called up my best friend to try and talk her into going with me.  She was down but didn't have a costume.  Not a problem though!  Since I was already cutting two dresses in half to make my costume, I offered to use the other two halves to make her a costume which then created our Split Personalities costume!

I sacrificed a little black dress that I've had for over a decade.  It was faded and had gotten TONS of use over the years so I figured it was time for it to be retired.  The second half was one of those random vintage dresses that I have in my 'to sell' pile so I didn't really have any attachment to it. 
This was really so simple.  I literally just cut two dresses in half and sewed the opposite dresses together.  On the back of mine, I had to add some filler fabric but Rachel's fit just fine.  I did have to put in a zipper on hers though so she could get in and out of it!  I did toil with how to deal with the collar on the white dress but finally just decided that one dress would have it and the other wouldn't.  I originally planned to have the non-collared dress attach around the neck with a gold chain but once it was on, that just didn't seem necessary.  I did sew a few gold buttons down the non-buttoned dress and that was that!  We wore the same shoes, same earrings and did our hair and make-up together which made me feel like we were sixteen again :) 

For the two of us, it really was the perfect costume.  Those who know us will tell you that when we get together, it's like we're sharing a (really hilarious and inappropriate) brain.  Why can't Halloween happen more than once a year?!

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  1. i know i already said this on insta but this is seriously the best costume i saw this year!! so fun and awesome you two are like this in real life too.


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