Wednesday, December 18, 2013

That One Time I Was a Fashion Designer

I did it!  Two weeks after Alliday, I put a small collection down the runway at Indie Emporium!  
It was nothing groundbreaking nor fashion forward but it was 100% me and I'm crazy proud of how it all turned out.  I never really let myself get overwhelmed or stressed out over the whole thing mainly because I didn't have the time!  I literally pulled out every item of clothing I have made over the past few years and started piecing outfits together that way.  I did make two new pieces for the show (the gold jacket and the scarf) but other than that, everything I showed was already made.  I wanted things to somewhat relate to each other either color or shape-wise so the collection seemed somewhat cohesive.  I had two darling gals that I previously did not know volunteer to model for me in addition to four ladies that I absolutely love, including Holly and Sam!  Sam helped me out in a pinch as one of my other friends who was going to model came down with a stomach bug so was down for the count.  Sam jumped in and was my beautiful hero!  Having friends that I adore be apart of this experience with me made it that much sweeter.  They were rock stars.  I'm incredibly lucky to know them all.  We didn't do anything special in regards to hair and makeup; I just wanted the girls to feel pretty and do what they would normally do! 
I did not know until about an hour before the show that we'd be going first!  I was equal parts terrified by that and relieved.  After the fact, I was thrilled that we were the first to go as the waiting was killing me!  We waited to go out in a very large and very concrete stairwell.  My girls did absolutely fabulous.  They were so positive, fun and excited that they really pumped me up more and more.  After each of them had walked, I walked out with all of them rather awkwardly!  I was SO embarrassed and I'm usually not at all!  I think it was due to me putting myself out there in a way I never had before with a form of creating that is fairly new to me.  Then that was it!  We were done!  

So overall, I'm very, very glad that I decided to do this.  I keep going back and staring at the pictures in amazement that I made ALL of that and that it all looked pretty good!  It was nothing earth-shattering but it all had one thing in common - gifts from the past.  Whether it was vintage fabric, a refashioned vintage dress or an earring turned necklace, everything had my touch on it and for that, I'm very proud of myself.  If you'd like to see my show live, you can watch the video here.
I truly do want to thank you all for cheering me on over the past few years as I've ventured into the world of sewing.  It's quickly become one of my favorite ways to pass the time and to be able to create things that others like too, well, that just rocks.  So thanks :)


  1. Happy to model for you any day! Loved your pieces!

  2. I had so much fun wearing your creations! I was beaming with pride that you pulled it all together so nicely. You continue to impress me!


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